New Steem Accounts | Activities, Balance | November 2019

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This is an update for November 2019 for the new Steem accounts, their activities and balance. A short overview will be made on the number of accounts created in November by date and overall.
Who created the most accounts will also be presented and additional info on the accounts activity and balance?


Accounts creations in November 2019

Below is a chart of the number of accounts created daily in November 2019.


A total of 9,545 Steem accounts were created in November 2019

There is a few spikes in the chart with more than a 1000 accounts.
Compared to October 2019 when this number was 9,187, the numbers are a bit up.

Here is the number of accounts created by month.


Looks like we are hovering between the 9k to 12k since May 2019.

Who created the accounts?

Below is a chart for the account creators.


Steem created the most accounts with 47% share. Next are Dlike, Steemmonsters, and Btcmillenial. STeemhunt and Blocktrades are also in the top creators of accounts.

Interesting there is a lot of accounts created by @dlike. Steemmonsters is also going up nearing 1000 accounts. The share of accounts created buy @steem is quite lower from the last month and before when it was more than 70%.

Accounts Distribution per Number of Posts

How active were the new accounts? Do they got rewarded for their activities?

Below is a chart of the number of accounts and how much they posted. The accounts are grouped in 4 groups.

Comments are also included in the number of posts.


A majority 83,9% of the accounts that were created in November didn’t posted at all. An 5% posted only once, 6% posted between 2 and 5 times. The rest of the accounts share around 5% are in the group that posted more than once. Their distribution is shown on the chart.

Accounts Distribution per Balance

Below is a chart of the number of accounts and their distribution according to the balance of the account. The balance is approximate and not totally accurate.


A majority, 90,4% of the accounts created in November have 0 balance. An 6.8% have balance between 0 and 1, 1% are between 1 to 5 STEEM. The rest of the accounts share around 1,8% are in the groups with a balance more than 5 STEEM.

The balance doesn’t include the delegated STEEM that the accounts usually get when created.

Top 10 new accounts with the largest number of posts

Here are the top 10 accounts created in November 2019 and had the biggest number of posts and comments.


Top 10 accounts with the biggest balance

Here are the top 10 accounts created in November 2019 and have the biggest balance.


All the best


WOW, third place!!! That's amazing!


Interesting stats, 9000 accounts isn't bad if only we could weed out alts to get a more accurate representation but still a good figure non the less every account matters in building up the network effect and improving the distribution of the currency. We've got a long way to go we acquire accounts at 1% of what Bitcoin generates new wallets and I know we can't compare the two but if only a fraction of those people owned steem wallets too it would be amazing for the platform

Yea comparing with the BTC stats that you mentioned in your post this is tiny :)
But BTC wallet are quite boring :) ... they dont do a lot of stuff as steem accounts.

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