24H Steem Report: Top 10 Accounts For Votes, Transfers, Posts, Author and Curation Rewards

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Daily top 10 user accounts report

Start block: #19428903 2018-01-30T10:43:48
End block: #19457703 2018-01-31T10:45:12
Blocks counted: 28800

Total operations: 1849655

Votes given


Votes received


Transfers sent


Transfers received


Posts made


Comments made


Author SBD rewards


Curation reward in Steem


This is still in beta. More statistics coming soon, leave comments with requests for statistics to be considered or any data which might not be correct. Expect many updates coming soon adding additional features.

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Developed by @juliank & @amosbastian

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How about doing it the other way ? 10 most unvaluable accounts ? lol .... It would be interestiong maybe to by sections ( whale , dolphins and minnows ? ) after all we are all part of this no ?
Keep swiming minnows !


great idea :D

Oh this is like a soap! Who are you in a relationship with? A microwave?

Thanks! I just found some really good accounts from this post.

Cool to see where the reward pool is going and who's posting/commenting. Thanks for putting this together!