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So I lost my delegation I’ll just out and say it, don’t intend to make it a long winded thing. I had a choice pay for delegation or let it expire, I chose to purchase some stuff and let it expire!

I got coffee cups and every morning it’s a reminder of how much I have built here, thank you @freewritehouse for the excellent cups and daily prompts and well everything else!


So I’m powering up 💪 ... wait .... what I can hear you saying 😅


Yea well I ended up with nearly 0 VP and the quickest way to recover is through converting any liquid rewards and power them up!


Not to bad for 15 Steem if I do say so my self.

Now I have pulled a few delegations from people no longer active so in 3 more days I won’t have to worry one bit but my intention is to return my account to maximum support levels As Soon As Possible 🙌

Now if I keep powering up consistently that will be a few extra votes daily I can support with though worth massively less I can help to influence rep 😅

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Powering up is absolutely a great move (though I also like to top up the SBI Shares and make sure my @dustsweeper account is topped up as well....just to help cover all the bases.

That is the way I look at it. I just topped up my @dustsweeper account and then I received a 30SP STEEM transfer so I bought 15 SBI and powered up the rest. I vote at 15% which is .002 and will be noticable for small accounts and I am able to give out many more votes per day.

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Thanks for the reminder on the @dustsweeper account 👍

I've only delegated some symbolic values so that I can say "I respect what you do" and that, of course, to just a few of the accounts which I would want to. I would like to delegate to others, too, but I like being able to cast my own votes and until they become something substantial, I will continue powering up...Steem by Steem.

That is a good way to approach it, largely my delegations are for the sake of trying to support projects or communities which power everything on the blockchain 👍

When I have the power to do so ;) It will be interesting to see what projects will be around in a couple of years.

🙄 #OneLoveDTube for the win ❤️

First, not voting for about 4 days is going to bring you to 100 % and then, even with a smaller sp, your vote shows up.
And. THANK YOU for supporting the Freewrite House 👍😀

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Yea well I was looking at little ways to increase that time 😉 and no worries you have won my support with having taken on that contest! I do honestly intend to start participating but I am also realizing as with much of my other project I may have to sacrifice my normal routine and posting habits to do so..... I do have a good tutorial coming at you eventually if it works out as I figure so anyone can create an awesome video very simply on mobile with only having to record your voice 🙂 here is hoping it works out

I never thought of the fact that powering up would increase your VP, even though it makes absolute sense. Maybe because I never go down below 75%, lol.
I'm delegating to a lot of newcomers, and I always point at the RC that increase after they've received my delegation, but never looked at the VP bar. So silly of me.

It's a great thing you're supporting the community like that! Thanks!

No worries buddy it's what I do 👍 yea the VP move is something really you notice when getting a delegation taken away but it does work both directions

I must read this when I’m alert and able to learn from

ahahaha I have so many saved in my favourites list from doing this ❤️

Power up is the way to give more to others too...

It is but only with a decent amount powered up, I need to pull back a few delegations to make it to a comfortable voting level again 😅

You just need to do what you needed to do, that's all...

👍 Darn Tootin 🙏

You are 15 steem power more richer!

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Much more if I calculate in the days SP rewards 😉

I only see big huge heart here. ♥️

🙏 thanks my dear much appreciated ❤️

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dunka 🙏

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