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RE: Justin says Steemit is migrating to Tron: Time to Panic or Things will be OK for Now?

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One thing that I feel like was never addressed is how they plan to do a fair token swap on a chain where it takes multiple months to get access to an active stake? That makes me feel like Justin doesn't really understand the mechanics of STEEM.

Either way, it would be great if all this news just entails the creation of a TRC20 token that allows for atomic swaps between STEEM and TRX but otherwise leaves the blockchains as they are and just pushes development forward with more fuel.


I really like the idea of atomic swaps. but im also afraid justin mightve been planning a one-way ticket for us to give up steem for some tron tokens.

That's what he originally said. He talked about migrating everything on Steem to Tron where he is dictator.

yea. he backed off on it on dlive. now he's back on his original plan. and now even more confusion. art of war?

I think it's just confusion. lol

I think what he originally said was his true intention: migration from the Steem mainnet to the Tron mainnet will commence right away. Then he realized it wasn't that simple for technical or social reasons and back-pedaled a little saying that he was going to keep the status quo - for now. He is going to push for moving the ecosystem to Tron but it's going to take some time.

if that's true he's only migrating and its sheep users (which i doubt would add any value to tron or any other blockchain). anyone with even the slightest understanding on steem wouldn't give it up for some random tokens without any of its merits.

if justin wants a blind overhaul on steemit thinking that's gonna move the userbase over to tron, so be it. i'd like to see a fork without that ninja mined stake anyways :)

You seem to believe that Steem, the blockchain, will do fine regardless. STEEM on exchanges will become the TRC20, not our STEEM. Liquidity for our STEEM tokens will dry up almost entirely and the price tag will drop so low that witnesses will be working for free.

I suppose that is fine if all you want is STEEM to be a utility token exclusively used within the blockchain without much of a secondary market. But people's desire for an "immutable blog space" is going to be tested soon, because Steem Classic will have to come back from a huge drop to regain the position it has right now.

you seem to believe that when text changes on a website, it magically turns steem into trc.

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