Steem is about to explode! Are you ready?

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Steem is heading to the MOON

As the altcoin market is starting to really heat up it seems like the trickle down effect from larger market cap coins down is in full swing. Steem is surging pretty hard right now and it seems to be jumping up quickly ahead of other small caps in the market.


I'm super optimistic about steem right now because of some of the progress on SMT and dapps built on the steem blockchain. According steem is number 6 in blockchain activity (transactions) and has stayed in the top 10 for years! There are dozens of projects that are ahead of steem on CMC that have virtually no activity and very little community supporting them. Steem should be in the top 20 IMO. Now is the best time to load your little steem bags. Get ready for years of sustainable gains!!! :)

Number 6 overall blockchain activity




Lets get that steem!!! :)

I believe steem can Flyyyyyyyyy!!! in to the Skyyyyyy! lmao :)

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