STEEM on POLONIEX! The market is open!

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The market is open for STEEM on Poloniex! Steem Dollars and Ethereum pair are also trading!

Good luck!

STEEM POWER my friends!



or buy! :)

This is a very good news!

I'm also the news glad

Now, STEEM may rapidly rise!!

A lot more potential buyers for sure.

Because the scale of Poloniex is large, it can be Good expected.

Hahahha! Yeah the Poloniex is the next step in our mission to bypass the moon shot and get to Mars. Effff the Moon shot. We did that in 1969. We are going to Mars and here is why the payouts are so high on this platform right now as it relates to mining of other crypto.

That's good


I saw it

Does everyone understand coinmarketcap maybe explain what is is also in your post.

Poloniex- very good

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