STEEM now added to CoinMarketCap! (Poloniex markets)

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STEEM Poloniex markets are now on CoinMarketCap!


It's going to be interesting to see where this is going to peak. $6, $10?

I would guess probably $10 each!

Very entertaining, Keep up the great work! Upvoted

Thank you!

Yes!!! :)

I did not realize STEEM-ETH in Poloniex !!
very thank you!!

The STEEM Dollars is also traded on Poloniex!

Thank you , Good information.

Thank you!.Good News

3th place on Market Cap

Wow. Top 3 in such short period of time.

With Eth and Btc steem has 13k in usd. It will only goes up from here.

2nd place on polo is already a big achievement!

Upvote for you mate! 😎

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