GPU mining for STEEM! Spotted in the wild! Welcome to GPU mining era!

in steem •  3 years ago  (edited)

STEEM GPU mining software seems to be available to some people!

More than 50% of all STEEM mining seems to be already generated by GPU's!

The miner seem to be using gxt-1080 video cards.

Does anyone have any more info about this GPU miner?

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Id say hes found another exploit as he keeps changing his signing key ...... Hardfork here we come .

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Private key is no longer used in POW calculation after HF13. Also, all update events I see on gxt-1080-sc- accounts are at least 7 days old.

Do you guys even realize that the quequelist only fights for 1/21 blocks ? So the maximum he will mine is below 5 % of all blocks...

The name has been used before by someone that found an exploit before the hardfork. They were mining with CPU so I would be skeptical to say they are gpu mining. They might just be firing up their miners on the new fork.

Thanks for the information. In any case, it does not look very normal if one miner controls 50% of the mining blocks. It really seems to be GPU mining or maybe they found another exploit.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

It is odd, something is up. I got 2 POW's in the last 4 hours with 8khps. Maybe a difficulty change? So he fired up his army of miners? It is odd.

Here's my post on the same issue. It shows that gxt-1080-sc is using the same accounts that were using the exploit patched by hardfork 13 last week. My guess is they have found a new exploit.

Thanks for providing this info, it was also great to see a post from you. I dont think I can help with this GPU miner but I hope someone will :) alla x

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