Preserving Ones Youth

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Nobody wants to hear the saying grow old and die gracefully, although accepted as the placement of things for some, in the meantime, all I want to do is to have fun, all I want to to do is stay looking young forever, “I mean where’s the fountain of youth that’s talked about in the movies, the holy grail that would keep the skin on my face looking smooth, with no wrinkles and a twinkle in my eye, because I still got it and want to keep it, can someone please tell me the secret, and if not, what then is the key to life if I can’t preserve my Youth, and plus I need someone to share it with too, lol, so we can grow old together gracefully.

And then you die, just to come back and do it all over again, but this time I’ll use face creams and blemish remover to cover up the 11’s I see forming on my forehead and skin with bags under my eye, but WAIT., isn’t this the same play of the world and the history thereof, where, as below, so above?

Interesting how we pay more attention to our looks through the eyes of another, than looking at ourselves in the eyes of our self, for ourselves, when standing in front of the mirror of time, when time stands still, and all you feel is your feet on the cold floor and your fingertips rubbing the sides of your cheek bones, but yet and still, where not there, we’re gone and feel alone, then think something is wrong with me, I’m getting old and ugly, and so the thought comes up, I need to preserve my youth, when your youth is but a state of being that’s always with you, and haven’t went nowhere, but veiled by the thought the I‘m so frail, which shows that;

We simply forget to love ourselves, because love is for everybody else, as we have defined it, in themed poems and solemn music that calms the storm brewing within us, that’s only momentary, in search for an extraordinary life with someone, thinking I need to be young again just to have fun, but do you really?

This makes fun, something to attain to, instead of seeing how fun can be an expression of you, and you and me and all of humanity, no matter one’s age, so if the way of the world is to change your ways, the word play Here is to Wake up and Live to Play another Day.

Thanks for reading.

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the word play Here is to Wake up and Live to Play another Day.

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