Steem Now in Top 10 Crypto Coins by Market Capitalization

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Steem is rising in price in the last few days with the latest price peak palcing it in the Top 10 crypto currencies by Market Capitalization according to

The current market cap is over $627 Million USD with Monero (XMR) with more than $130 Million USD in front, sitting at the 9th position by total market capitalization, the 8th place is with over $1 Billion USD for Stratis, so not that close... yet.

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congrats to all of us!!! jeeezzz I'm flipping.

I been doin the "what-if" math...

Coulda been a millionaire :\


We are seeing some price coreection to below $600 Million, but still holding 10th place...

I was trading steem but only got on steemit recently... wish it was earlier but at least im here now


Same here. Really liking this community.

Steemit "...Something more Powerful..!!" than all the social media
I think is just a start for steem
Thanks for sharing
Thanks for support
Followed just now
Have a nice day

109 Billion market cap! @cryptos saw your video on youtube playing piano, nice, how long have you been playing?

Just the kind of FACTUAL information people need to reinforce an already great decision. It's not an investment as much as a hedge against apathy & the lack of social interest in each other🤓💯

I like Steems future potential! I personally believe that it will overtake twitter & Facebook longterm! This is an amazing platform to meet different people & get paid for quality content.

Real Steem Market Cap

So, steem has been at 18 and just rose to 17 on CoinMarketCap with just under 4mil...why is everyone trying to lie?