The Effect Of Steem Hard Fork To Steem Value

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There will be a hard fork for steem that will happen about nine hours from the time of this writing. They will going to cease accounts that they say is abusing the reward pool, spam, and such abuses.

The money will not be nullified but will get transferred to a new account. The amount of monetary value that will get lost for the targeted account holders staggering now that steem price is pumping.

I guess that it will be a bullish sign for steem's price because selling from large accounts will get completely stopped obviously. So what will happen next remains to be seen but can we see the effects of it now? I guess we can as steem's price is hovering around 25 cents.

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Steem Binance

STEEM Trading At 25 Cents_

Also, the powerdown time will get shortened to four weeks instead of the long 13 week period which is more than three months to complete. Now users can get their money fast, a quarter every week.

My opinion on that is still positive though as people can trade their stake fast, it will stimulate investing because investors will not worry anymore about their money being held for so long in the current powerdown time.

I really have no idea what will happen next but since steem blockchain has so many users still, it will continue to live and thrive and use steem as their instrument for their own interests and purposes including of course socializing nad making friends at the same time.


Thank You 4 this update, didn't really know when the fork was going to happen.

Cheers !!

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