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Hello all,

Here is the chart of yesterday :


Here is the current chart :


Little bit disapointed by the break of the support line in orange but look how the market is reacting... When we have a break very powerfull, the break creates immediatly a Break Out due to the people who were waiting the break. Here we can see that we broke the line but we are staying just under the line, no DOWN Break Out. So I suppect that a UP break Out will come back very soon, exactly like we had several times on the STEEM already these last weeks.

I wish you massive profits and a happy new year,


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talk to me in discord.

I wish you massive profits as well @cryptopassion but i am in it for the technology!! Hahaha thanks for the analysis tough , kind of a bummer to see that support torn to pieces. Hope for the best, cheers!!

I hope you're right. If not... I've got nothing to lose haha

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We hope to see Steem to the moon 🌜

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