STEEM - Resistance line should be tested soon

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Hello all,

Yesterday, I was showing your that chart :


Here is the current chart :


As you can see, it looks like that we want more go test the resistance line in orange than the support line in red.
However, my previous prediction is not yet invalidated. Here are, for me, the 2 mains scenarios :

  • We will continue the current UP to go test the resistance line in orange
  • The drop will come back and we will go test the support line in red before trying again to break the resistance line in orange.

I wish you massive profits,

Disclaimer : Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.



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I look forward to testing that resistance, breaking it and that line becoming our new support!

I am positive with steem and bitcoin it will soon rise. I am fully determined.

steem will rise btc will aslo rise bcz korean started trading agiain it will reach 13000 usd with a week see

Hopefully it will rise again... I have a feeling this year steem will reach 20 usd per steem.

Hope your prediction will be correct

Cryptocurrency will rise, guaranteed. We can only guess where it will land and how many coins/tokens can stand the test of time. The fact that the word crypto, cryptocurrency, etc are considered typos is fascinates me.

Is that to say that we should expect STEEM to go up soon?

Impressive sharing! Upvote and Resteemed

i hope u are right but remember evrythink what is nice for us in moment will fall and fck us up

I think as more people do find out about steem as a social platform the more they will learn about blockchain and the more people learn about blockchain tech the more they will learn about steem as a social platform so they will help each other rise to the top hand in hand

surely I will consider the contents of your analysis, good luck on our side.

steem is a good potential to grow up but the BTC is showing some rude scene so the whole alts market is down not only steem. we can expect ATH of steem in a couple of days .

Check out this article, I confirm your thoughts and I think our recovery has finally begun! 11k BTC resistance is broken... :)

Feel free to upvote and follow me, I appreciate the support.


I think the chart does not look to promising...lower highs, lower lows...think it will continue this way, it is a healthy correction and I will be buying steem form 3 to 2,50 or so

Current chart you show. Great job and outstanding analysis work.

Very informative I loved it.

With the Korean FUD clarity I think we should see more upside. I am very bullish on Steem and Power up for the long term.

That is great buddy ,We do sure hope to get the uptrend for some time !

Very Nice And Great Article Sir Really Appreciate able We Will Wish By Your Effort Steem Will Grow And Rise Thanks For Sharing Sir @cryptopassion

As long as I am new here, very interesting post for me...

GUYS, I am pretty new here, just check my introduce post and dont forget to upvote and follow @rhoty .

You are right I optimistic Steem and Bitcoin we rise, hope better days ahead.

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Thank you for laying this out in a simple manner. I'm completely new to crypto and this was easy to understand. Moolah important. A+

I just keep talking about Steemit everywhere I go, trying to invite people to join Steemit - leave Facebook and blogging platforms and join Steemit. Cryptocurrencies are definitely the way of the futute :). IMHO!

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