STEEM - Rejection confirmed - Drop is back

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Hello all,

Here is the chart of yesterday :


Here is the current chart :


So yesterday, we have been rejected from the pink mobile line (MMA50). It was already a bad sign for the short trend and it is confirmed today by the drop which is back. We should try to go test the previous low around 0.175$. Let's see if it will hold us or not.

I wish you massive profits,

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Le volume a bien repris sur les dernières heures et le cours a bien augmenté !
J'ai regardé un peu les carnets d'ordres et la bonne nouvelle et qu'il ne faudrait pas beaucoup d'investisseurs "deep pockets" pour faire grimper le cours.
Peut-être est-on dans une phase d'accumulation à ces niveaux.
Wait & see.

Désolé de ne pas avoir répondu hier, pour moi quelqu’un a acheté un peu les bas mais on est loin de renverser la tendance.

Thank you for sharing, Nice post
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It's quite sad steem went this low. I'm certain no one saw this coming.

Quiet sad but it is life of investors, some market must decrease to allow other to increase.

It was always on the cards. The creation of new tokens exacerbate it.

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For sure the inflation doesn't help

That is correct!

STEEM seems to have found a bit of support down here.

Always interesting to see an alt tipping on a red Bitcoin day.

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Sorry my friend but it was not the case

😂 I posted that reply right at the top of the spike. Typical.

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