STEEM - Lower and lower

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Hello all,

Here is the chart of yesterday :


Here is the current chart :


No change in the short term trend. The drop is continuing and we start to be far from the line at 0.21$. So we can really consider that this line is broken and this is why we can see that the drop is continuing without any bounce. As I said you in my previous analysis, we could drop very quickly to reach the support line from 0.10$ and even lower.

I wish you massive profits,

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Ok, we are passing our own crypto winter, brace for the bottom, I am ready to buy, just looking for the last plunge.

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hehe on my side I'm indeed waiting also some level and I will buy hard there

More massive profits

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how my friend? currently people lost but indeed it could be nice price entry

Should have sold all mine ages ago, think Steem could be dead and never be high value again..

dead I don't think, this blockchain can work even at lower price but being stucked at some cents yeah it is a possibility

No end. Smh

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lol everything has a end :p

It'll end at zero lol

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