STEEM - Is it the beginning of the Break Out ?

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Hello all,

I was showing you yesterday that chart, explaining you that a Break Out will occur soon :


Here is the current chart :


Look that beautifull candle. Is it the beginning of the Break Out that I'm waiting since some days?
Yes it is possible.

Let's wait to see if that resistance line in red will be break in the coming hours. The break of that line will be the real start of the Break Out so this the point to keep an eye on.

I wish you massive profits,

Disclaimer : Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.


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I would like to see some action from STEEM but I think Bitcoin might lead this charge back. After Bitcoin comes back, I believe STEEM can follow. STEEM will need an announcement from high end partner that will be the most likely catalyst to break out faster than Bitcoin! Thanks for the post!

Once we get back to 20K, there's no stopping it!

I would love to follow someone that is mostly negative on Bitcoin, just to take in consideration the worst case scenario. Does anyone in here have advice?

I'm totally negative on Bitcoin - you could follow me! 😂
I don't do TA though, because it's not real fortunetelling 😉

I followed you, may my trust be with you!

Freut mich! Ich werde dich nicht enttäuschen! 😉

Well, if you want someone who isn't always bullish and knows a thing or two about the markets, give a try to @cryptovestor

I already follow him. Thank you anyway, here have my upvote!

Here's my model - currently in a HODLing pattern. Haven't yet posted about it but plan to. I would have happily told you to short a couple months ago!

You will have to go on twitter but Preston J. Byrne's tweets are extremely bearish and he is well respected figure in the space.

We cry when the price goes down but it is not the time to cry is the time to take advantage of buying and then wait for it to rise again 💸💰

@jjuuaanchoo agreed my friend. Some people see loss when crypto goes down. I see opportunity! Same thing with a lot of aspects in life really. Take care!

very successful your comment my friend 👍

If you are not all-in than this can be certainly an opportunity. People who are extremely strong believers in Steem tend to be all-in already... that is why they hate decreases...

Love bullish Candles.

Interesting! I know nothing about TA so I look to people like you to give me hope that the prices will start to go up again!

Nice news , What are you think for SBD bro ?

First goes first right? So, i'm newbie here, and I don't understand a lot of crypto, but If crypto is in the beginning of a breakdown what is the wost scenario?



i really hope for a breakout and to see steem and sbd rise above 10$. but i hear of witnesses wanting to push sbd to pair with us$. any ideas of that?

I think this candle just shows us that we are not going down below $3, not now, and probably not ever. I definitely hope this can be a break out, but it will depend on BTC price as always.

I really think that we are going to get close and consolidate around $4 in the next month.

Really finger crossed to break that line.

very nice we should be able to bull are way right through that red line

The more the silence, the louder the boom. Steemit is preparing for a big break. Watch out!!!

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