STEEM DOLLARS (SBD) - Triangle - Bullish Wick ?

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Hello all,

The STEEM DOLLARS (SBD) was moving inside a nice triangle since several days :


With the correction of the BTC, we did a little Break Out DOWN of the triangle. However, this kind of little Break Out can be often considered as a Bullish Wick to buy cheap before a nice futur Break Out UP.

I recommand you to keep an eye in the incoming hours on the SBD and see if we are able to go back inside the triangle. If this is confirmed, it could be the signal of a very nice Break Out UP in preparation.

I wish you massive profits,

Disclaimer : Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.



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It would be nice to see because steem usually follows the price of sbd to some degree.

Runs in cycles. Last week it was hitting $10, lets hope it gets back up there!

How about xlm and nxt...???
I think xlm is correctly hehehe

I hope your analisy..

Is nice to hear from you..
Already, trading is risky itself..
But someone has to be careful..
Nice post... 👍

Trading is fun. Remember the IRS wants 40% on trades held less than 1-year and only 20% on trades held longer than 1-year.

An inseminator's long arm should fuck the IRS in the rectum. That makes simple rebalancing of one's portfolio is an accounting nightmare forcing all US citizens and residents to become buyers and holders instead.

Thank god. I finally found it. I will make money every day. Sbd is low value and I can not. Thank you so much. At least I have an idea now.

And will you support me?
How should I do ? @cryptopassion

I hope we will see big more rise in prices Of Steem and SBD very soon.
Great analysis,
Keep it up

Given the fact that China does not want to purchase and hold our treasury bonds, and the subsequent weakness of the dollar, maybe we will see cryptocurrencies rebound!


Steem Dollar's future is a strong trend.

Nice to know it.
We can also learn what is triangle.After all i am glad to know that.keep it up

Thanks for the analysis. I hope Steem and SBD continue to rise soon :)

Thanks for the discount link. Will check it out

Hello @cryptopassion Nice to see this. Now it's time to buy some coins. Best from Serbia. :)

Nice explanation. Thanks for the tips. One thing I am horrible at is predicting the future with stocks and cryptocurrency.

Man everything got smashed last night. Seems to be making some improvement today....or at least starting too. Strong hands. Strong hands. :)

it totally depends upon your luck ...
sometime you get everything.
sometime you get nothing .
that's the way life goes..
but SBD will go high much more than it's highest value..
mark my words..following you ..

True talk

I love guys that state that it is not financial advice it his opinion

I believe life is about risk
Some work as planned and some done.. You just have to keep running even if you fall

Can i register if im from south africa

thanx for the valuable information sir

i pray it return to its high value..thanks for your humble opinion @cryptopassion

hope you are right, i am holding my last week rewards in SBD, hope to get some nice profit there :)

smart people are always flowing good ideas, "like sir"

Good to know

This makes much sense to me

Good analysis. Hoping for better future on sbd.

Thanks for information :) I was wondering what made the value of SBD for 1-2 weeks.I just joined Steemit and I started to earn a bit but this time the sbd value dropped.@cryptopassion

Thank u for the insight.. will collect more sbd 🤗

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I pray sbd would get back into the triangle really soon

Steem will definitely end up on the moon. Just keep buyinh and holding.

Good news it finally will get up

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good information, thanks for sharing friend

I understand this very little, and as I have many people. Well, it would be that you explain the graph and simply launch your suggestions. For the rest, of the little that I understand that a friendship tells me is that Steem is going down, looking for its level and that it is worth investing while you are offering more, unfortunate thing because one prefers to keep it guarded against the constant devaluations of, in this case , the national currency of my country.

Hello, I see you have stopped your posts in french... how come? It's a good way to keep an eye on STEEM, SBD and BTC when we are not real traders.... And I have one question... where can i find steem/usd charts? On the exchanges I can only find steem/btc so it's hard to compare with your posts..


Just look what happened to my last french publications and you will understand why I stopped ;)
Regarding the charts, you can use the website
Take care.

Ah finnaly... thank you!!
It's gonig to make a lot more sense now because with btc going up and down it's hard to keep up for non-trader like us... I've been wanting to invest in STEEM (because i beleeve in it) but i never know wnhen is the right time... I will now! :-)

edit: I will see you in your posts in english then ...

This my help us.

Hi brother @cryptopassion
Thank you for sharing
I liked this article and really deserved it Resteem This Post

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