STEEM - We are taking some distance from the support line

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Hello all,

Yesterday, I was saying you that I want see some space between our current level and the support line in red. It is done :-) :


Technically, the next objective is now the previous TOP around 6.60$.

Let's see what will happen the coming days. A test of the support line in red is still possible but the space that we put between our current level and that line should help us to stay upper.

I wish you massive profits,

Disclaimer : Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.



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Looks good! Hopes the separation from the line continues and tests the resistance above.

You have a good analysis I congratulate you for that. I am your new follower. if you like you can enter my blog and support me or help me

good analysis @cryptopassion, hopefully your analysis is correct, and I like what you do..

All things return to the mean. Earlier we were overbought. Now we are oversold. We should be taking a decent bounce off in next few days.
Really appreciate the analysis man. Thanks.

I don't know why, but I feel better when it is going up ;) Thanks for your update!

Steem is looking for a solid 100% move in the upcoming days. Is almost 100% correlated with btc now with very similar charts, but with different targets: BTC to 14k and steem to 7 usd

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I'm more worried about it not going back down than it reaching new heights, at least for now.

I don't understand what your analysis is based on. Could you elaborate on the support lines?

Steemit value is getting hike in shear market, great work

I’m loving all the green at the moment. It will be fantastic to see us heading back to previous highs again. Any thoughts on where we should expect to see the price of SBD?

really wish there was a button to make images larger cant really tell what the graph is showing...

right click + view image

Well ain that exciting or what. I'm looking upwards..

The R:R ratio is good for trading :)

actually what happens with steemit