STEEM - Long term support line broken

in steem •  8 months ago

Hello all,

Yesterday, I was showing you that chart, saying you that the support line in orange was very important :


Here is the current chart :


We have not been able to go back upper that support line in orange and we must consider it now as broken. However, a smaller support line is currently helping us to don't drop too quickly. This support line in blue is linked to the previous low which occured the Feb 6th and that support is allowing us to don't stay too far from the important line that I traced you in orange.

Let's see if that support line will hold that correction or if we will break it also to reach the next support levels around 2.50$.

I wish you massive profits,

Disclaimer : Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions. If you make any trades after reading this post, it is completely in your responsibility. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post you acknowledge and accept that.


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HODL! Don't sweat it guys, just a temporarily drop. Bitcoin was bearish (down trend) today and people have been panicking and selling which is wrong.


Thanks, very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


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These charts are similar for 90% of the ALT coins at the minute.

Its like 1 step forward and 3 backward at the minute.

It is a good time to buy but then again so was 3 weeks ago.

Looking forward to seeing the bulls return at some point.

Well, I guess it will be time start accumulating!

Breaking that blue support line might be dangerous because it might cause free fall of steem. But I believe steem alone can't fall too much in percentage if the whole crypto market is going otherwise.

This is terrible, steem go deep, though am optimistic things will be better.

Yes, i agree, based on this i'm expecting a drop in NEO at around 8,8k. Let's see how it plays out.

Thank you for wishing us the best, above all thank you for the pointers and for sharing good content.

If you can talk to the crypto people who make things go up....that'd be great. ;)


but maybe wait until we're all done buying the coins we want first. hahaa


Haha I second the motion!


If you want Steem, buy some!

Its value in BTC is what really matters if you think about it.

Good article, now is time to invest in steem. The price of sbd very low

very good post :) informative

It looks like more blood on the fooor for a while. Too much FUD and too many crypto projects attracting dwindling new money.

Please read and analyse it. we can earn a big money because it is starting and we can be in a head if we will register many people there

Hello, I plan on investing some of my crypto profit in steem in order to have more power for our blog and to support amazing people that I found here or some curation project I support (like @steemitwordmap) in the long term (at least a year)
Would you recommend to wait until SEEM is stabilased (maybe arround 1$) ?
I understand my desision are my own, I am just trying to make an informed desicion
Ps: you have given me an advice once about making my own charts on tradingview and I've been on the site almost everyday since.. so Thank's for that too


I am not sure I would expect it to go down quite as low as $1. If you think about it, the last time it was a $1 was in the 2nd quarter of last year and if you look at all the coins, none of them have gone down that much. Steem had a big rally end of last year and generally when a coin sees such rally it doesn't just happen once. I think now is a great time to buy (Obviously this is just my personal opinion and not financial / investment advice).


Thank you very much! I will take this advice in consideration... indeed, i think waiting for a 1$ is a bit low and risquy..


I think that STEEM price should be about 2-2.5$ not much LESS - this should be new support.
Day after day - number of people on steemit, number of posts it's rapidly growing this is real value. New plugins like Dtube also represent some new extra value.
So - forget about 1$ price. Next top price may be around 32$.


thank's for the advice!

It is best time to buy steem and sbd

cryptocurrency is taking over. I actually need to trade there though still new to this knowledge. Thanks @cryptopassion

Your incredible post and the pictures you post are very inspiring to my mind, please support me and give me a lot of upvote and follow me include your comment, hopefully useful, go ahead and hope you succeed in steemit. by @zayanfaruk

As someone who is new here I am excited to buy more steam and hodl cheaper. Im all in on this platform and its the only social media I partake I'm buying as much as I can afford and will wait for a return. In the mean time I will enjoy you all, grow my Steemfam, and focus on creating quality content! Thank you for the post!

Good time to buy. Good time to HODL. Everything will be good if we can think about the long term.

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SAD! But WILL RECOVER strong than ever!

steady from your post I can understand how to measure and measure the direction of changes in the graph as long as not in a hurry in making decisions @cryptopassion

This is interesting, I am also new to Steemit, Crypto's and the market.. And I do understand that it's best to buy on the dip. But... what I don't understand is if I wanted to buy Steem , do I have to first purchase it on Binance with Bitcoin or Ethereum? or can I buy directly on Steemit? There is just so much to learn. Trying to still wrap my head around it all.
Great blog @cryptopassion btw. Because you have it all laid out nicely. Gotta love Steemit ..


Buying steem from exchange may a bit cheaper.


yeah, I'm looking into this today.. I am not going to miss the boat on this Thanks

Good Post!

I wonder what is behind the steem/sbd drop. I'm new to crypto and currency trading in general, but I suspect some people are selling steem and sbd to buy bitcoin while it's cheaper. That, or they are looking for a currency that is falling slower than ours, so that they can lose less of their investment and/or buy back into steem later when things settle down - and increase their steem stake in the process.

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Two weeks ago I invested SBD in order to change it to steem power to support my community. I bougt it sooner without waiting sunrise for tomorrow anymore.. But it price a week to go decline sharply almost $ 2 today.
Who can predict for next week SBD price?

crytpto keep falling... it makes my heart pump faster