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Content platforms based on cryptocurrency have popped up over the last three years, giving creative types a chance to earn money from their talents.Sites such as Steemit, DTube, DMania, DSound, Utopian, BitTube and Source Independent Entertainment open up a lot of opportunities for artists.

Will they be able to take advantage, and change the stereotype of a starving artist forever?

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Steemit is a blogging platform, similar to Medium, based on the Steem token and blockchain. When a post gets popular, with a lot of upvotes, the author receives money after a week. Users can also earn Steem by upvoting content, especially on good posts before they become popular.

Many sites are also based on the Steemit platform, including DTube for video, DSound for podcasts and songs, DMania for memes, and Utopian for open-source software. People are also building decentralised apps on Steem, such as Steem Monsters, a trading card game similar to "Magic: The Gathering".

BitTube is another video publishing site, similar to DTube. BitTube has its own token called Tube, which is distributed to viewers and to content creators. The site looks really slick and professional, and works really well. Sometimes decentralised video platforms can be slow or have problems loading videos, but BitTube works almost as well as YouTube.

Source Independent Entertainment is a project for musicians and other artists, co-founded by master shaman Hamilton Souther, with the goal of helping artists paid for their work. The site is set to launch in June 2019.

In the video I shout out @kennyskitchen and @bobaphet for having the courage, creativity and motivation to give Steemit a try. Thanks Kenny and Bob!

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