[cryptomonitor NEWS] Circle buys major crypto exchange Poloniex (HOT)

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How are you doing my dear STEEMIANS ?

This is my new post about actual news in Cryptosphere.
Every week i post few cryptocurrency related
news posts. So, in this post, we will discuss about
great news for Poloniex / Circle, and give final conclusions.

Big news; Goldman Sachs-backed cryptocurrency startup
Circle has acquired digital token exchange Poloniex,
Circle said yesterady and that way, secures position
as one of the leading players on the cryptomarket.
But neither of the Boston-based companies disclosed
the value of the deal. But, we have read from various
sources on internet, people talking about
huge, 400 mil $ deal.

Circle and Poloniex together?

Poloniex is strong crypto exchange, with volumes of
more than $2 billion, dealing (trading) with around
70 different digital currencies and tokens daily !
Poloniex is well-known among cryptocurrency investors
because it offers trading on a wide range of digital coins,
several of which have been issued through online
fundraisers known as “initial coin offerings” (ICOs).
Personally, i have use it to, and i can recommend it.

On other hand, Circle operates an app-based peer-to-peer
payment network using blockchain, and it's also one of the
leading players in the over-the-counter market for bitcoin
trading, and is soon launching a retail-focused app for buying
cryptocurrencies, Circle Invest.

We need more such deals

The value of cryptocurrencies has been increased
allot. Since the start of 2017, when they were worth
around $17 billion, and according to market
stats website Coinmarketcap, with their total value
about $800 billion in January before slipping
to around $464 billion right now.
Currently there are now more than 1,500 digital
currencies and tokens.

Circle said that in the coming years, it expected
to grow the Poloniex exchange out, to include
other non-crypto assets, such as physical goods
and financial products such as derivatives.

“We look forward to bringing Circle’s experience to increase the scalability
and reliability of our platform and operations”

-Poloniex said in a statement on its website.

I believe this deal will add value to cryptospace, for shure !

Please, comment bellow, what are your toughs about this
huge, 400 mil $ deal and Circle as startup ?
I upvote EVERY good comment.
Let me know in comment what you think.

If you have any crypto related questions, feel free to contact me
on Discord 24/7, user cryptomonitor#0447

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I was told stuff about you and obviously it was said well. I am new here, Just had my first post and I wasn't disappointed by this first post of yours I'm seeing. you are an inspirer.thanks sir!

Wow, what a good news. Some deals like that can change the course. Hopefully it will happen soon. thanks for the good news.

Thanks @cryptomonitor for the great news.

Que maravillosa noticia... gracias miles

Circle is a company that really has a diverse protocol of potenial offerings. They have proved that they can expand by launching new and improved initiatives along the way and by managing things like Circle Trade.
Now, Circle are in talks and of wanting to expand their horizons with Circle Invest, which an easy to use app to buy crypto, and Poloniex, a full-fledged exchange will ultimately benefit from this acquisition in my opinion.
I think we will soon see the market cap rise again towards that value of 800 million and surpass the ATH


We want these sorts of companies to invest in the crypto space. It’s a good thing that they’re getting involved.

Interesting to see how it goes.

it seems there are many positive stories like this but crypto has yet to recover....why is it that such huge gains were made in the past when there was no good news, yet now that its becoming more real the crypto cannot rally to save it's life and is going sideways for months. What i'm trying to say is the market sucks right now like never before in its history, yet there is 1000x more good news and real developments than before....I guess once it's mainstream knowledge the party is over, no logic to it but it's the reality

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