Smells like [GOLOS/STEEM] spirit...

in steem •  2 years ago

I am personally very curious about the two platforms and I am wondering on how they will evolve.

Early alpha Golos is currently experiencing Facebook style posts, downvotes attacks, multiple posts with the same content and fresh introduceyourself spirit whereas more mature STEEM seems to be currently directed towards 'content' producers, which I believe are people writing for a living. Curie project is good but imho it spreads the SP into too many areas. Additionally we have been reading about uber-advertised STEEM fest for the last two months and people are bored here.

STEEMIT users are mostly complaining about falling STEEM prices and wrong power distribution while back at GOLOS...

Let's see how the two platforms both look in 6 months from now!
What are your predictions?

Thanks for attention!

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