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There was a time it was fun and entertaining to come on steem

It seems like it was ages ago. I don't feel motivated enough to come and spend time reading what people write or post thing. I barely comment, I just monitor my witness node and I take care of it when it is down... at some point.

I am just thinking at what we could have done better or what I would have done if I were in charge of Steemit,Inc. They had raw gold in their hands. Now it turned to lead or something like that.

I do not feel hope or excitement that someone might read this. I used to care. Now...
Well I am mainly writing to motivate myself to come back more often, slowly. There is still so much to do for blockchains and the people who use and will use them. Let's go back to work.



I have to agree. We are barely ha going on after the last hardfork and the new wallet slows down transactions and deters new users. Once ahead of the game I think ate it is falling behind.

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It would seem like we missed a cool long terme vision for steem. Let's see if we can fix it now.

Ok, we reblogged to thousand followers.. :3

I remain optimistic about this chain. Steemit is not the best example of the Steem blockchain, but it's passable. Eventually it will come around.

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yeah eventually. That's why I am always coming back to Steem.