Get it while the gettin's good

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Not investment advice, and when going back and looking at my last post, good thing it's not because it's a LOT lower. Oh, how I wish I would have had a crystal ball, because I would have waited until now too!

But at 12¢, what are you waiting for? Again, not investment advice, just a comment from one Steemian to another. BTW, I've recently bought more too . . . for another account, with a different focus . . . cryptographic has pretty much done his/her job, and it's time to move on. After I post a few more bottom fishing charts, we'll call it quits for good . . . maybe. 🙄


I was following your crypto opinions since 2 years now! So you never mis-guided us!


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Glad to see you back and curious to know about your new plans at the Steem Blockchain.

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HF 21/22 brought me back. Looks like there's a positive revolution going on here - a grassroots change of guard. I've also got a bit more free time, and I must admit that I missed it too. I've decided on a much broader approach and have opted for a total "reset" complete with new handle and account: @filling-up Less teaching and more one-to-one engagement; less interested in promoting crypto and much more interested in the community itself. We'll see how it goes!

wow great to see you after such a long long time :D

I keep thinking the same way, but ran out of money like I've never had them :))