Bitcoin in Media 2020 (13)

in steem •  15 days ago 

Looking at cryptocurrency from a social and cultural perspective, I take a historical look at mainstream media portrayals of Bitcoin over time. The portrayal has quickly transformed from that of "nerds, hackers and criminals" to a tech elite, young successful people with entrepreneurial spirit.

This past April I gave a keynote at the Crypto Current conference speaking about this topic and outlining mainstream media references up until that time. Fortunately for us as a community, there have been tons of mainstream media references since then! And I am excited to announce a new talk series covering this topic.

I've put together a trailer of ideas that will be covered in this series, and can't wait to share more.

Check out the trailer here:

If you haven't seen my keynote from the Crypto Current Conference, and are interested in hearing more about the portrayal of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, from movies to celebrities to charting hit songs.

Check out the full talk from 2019 here:

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