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RE: Digital Kitties on Steem? How would the Steem blockchain handle 700,000 transactions per day?

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Can something similar be coded inside an SMT? The tokens of cryptokitties are quite elaborate and require a high level of customization. I would love to know @steemitblog @andrarchy.

PS: I've tried buying a freaking kitty since this morning. I'm pissed at Ethereum


Would be great if SMT's allowed for these things, crypto-collectables fits right in with social media.
A whole market of these virtual things could be created and users could send them to each others too.
Emojis could be reinvented with emojis that have real value.

The "kittie" would be hosted on the Steem Blockchain, the SMT would be the medium of exchange used to buy and sell them.

But the "DNA" and special breeding features...can SMT do that? (Each of those kitties have unique attributes)

The SMT wouldn't handle the "DNA" the SMT would only handle the medium of exchange. The entire code and platform of the "DNA" would have to be written on Steem and then use the SMT as the medium of exchange.

never knew you also have good knowledge of such. i wonder if the natural eden father will join and grow virtual kitties. i was thinking you will prefer growing kitties you will feed naturally, use their poop as fertilizer and ensure they add to the natural food chain! nice one my one and only @gardenofeden creator!

hahaha yes I don't see my self getting into the cryptokitty thing but it is an amazing phenomena.

Sure . Good I mentioned you @quinneaker on my latest post. Hope you do not mind!

My guess is that EOS can do that for sure as it handles smart contracts? Not sure about SMT though. [unprofessional guess of course]

No. Neither can an erc20. The token is the money, the blockchain stores the information, smart contracts automate actions. Since Steem doesn’t have smart contracts you would use bots instead.

sure! @andrarchy such coming from you means there is hope for me to start learning how to nurse and grow my own cryptokitties. cant do it now looking at what goes on in ether. any tips of how to learn about this kitties or when the kitties will be hosted on steem?

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