Looking at STEEM this morning...

in steem •  4 months ago 


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One can say that about alts generally with a few exceptions. But Steem certainly acts like one of the deadest among the dead.

You are looking at OldSteem ;)

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Don't waste your looking power and use it to look something good :P

It's definitely the perfect meme that depicts the mood of people who are hodling steem currently lol wow. Haha that was funny lol falling with Bitcoin but not rising with it. Lol we're hopeful though


I don't mind the current price in Steem @cryptoctopus, and I think it might break $0.30 USD if Bitcoin experiences a decent sized correction.

  1. I will then start averaging down at $0.25 USD and below.

  2. My current average is about $0.36 USD per Steem 😀👍

Having said that, Steem can move sooner if the break in Bitcoin next week is UP!

Wow an old bitcoin meme turned steemy. How creative...

How bout Yall whales rather pump the price a little bit? :)

Accurate! Pretty much!!

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