Win Win Scenario For Both Parties

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The man behind the Newcastle purchase is no other than the next in line for the Saudi throne Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. He tried to purchase Manchester United but his bid was not accepted by the Glaziers.

As toys go this is rather decent.

He is not afraid to throw money around having spent over $500 million on two houses and another $450 000 on his luxury boat. Buying Newcastle will be different though as 80 percent will be owned by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.

The fund will expect a return with success on and off the pitch.

This is more of a business deal and honestly can't see them going wrong with this. Just keeping Newcastle in the Premiership guarantees a return of more than $100 Million a year in TV rights alone. A few sponsorship deals and we are talking serious returns on their investment.

Non oil related investments is where the fund is now going.

There is talk of a shopping list of players to replace the current squad, but a team isn't bought and built overnight. This will have to be done over two or three seasons as you have to have a core of cheaper players before the top players or stars are added. Whoever they get now will be an improvement on what they already have and that is no disrespect but the honest truth.


Newcastle have hit the jackpot of investor owners.

The current team is probably a 2/10 at best and have over achieved this season if we were being honest. The other teams in the Premiership well at least more than half are so over rated with little to no quality on show. It would take an addition of 3 or 4 quality players to transform the current team.


The fund will be looking for a similar scenario as what has happened with Manchester City. As a business it has risen dramatically in value.

Newcastle's purchase has come at a great time as many clubs are struggling and will want to free up some much needed cash. Players that were seemed untouchable will be available for the right price. A new project like Newcastle will have many players wanting to move as it should be a roller coaster of a ride.

The top 4 has just got a lot tougher as Liverpool and Manchester City look to have the top two secure for some time leaving two spots open which one would think Newcastle would grab one with the right players bought in. That would leave the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United,Everton and Tottenham fighting for one spot at the Champions League table.

The fund invested $3.5 Billion helping Uber start up.

Success has to be the main thought by the Saudi investors as the real money is the Champions League. The idea behind the purchase of Newcastle is also for public relations. Saudi Arabia doesn't have the best image and they are hoping that Newcastle could be a vehicle to change peoples perspectives on them. Human rights was a big thing a while back and that image needs to change and they see Newcastle as an opportunity for that.

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