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Have you ever heard the saying a rolling stone gathers no moss. It is a very true saying and it holds some value to what is happening here. I realize there are a few other options out there now similar to Steem but honestly do I care or neither should you for that matter. I am just going to come out and say it as I see it and these are my thoughts. The ones I know don't be offended as you have dipped your toes and are invested in here and have Steem at heart.

I have had a glance around a few of them and recognize a huge portion of you blogging on their and that is fine. Maybe you hit it big and become a whale, I doubt it personally because if you can't hack it here then why should you there. The case of the grass being greener isn't always the case.

A huge portion of those sites are made up of ex Steemians now and have boosted their figures no end. By doing that they are giving those sites false figures for future investors that could have invested in Steem. How many "amateur" bloggers are out there that aren't on here already. I can see the percentage being rather high and maybe up to 95% Steemias making up their numbers. How many of you have been supported by people here through delegation or community votes and you just turn your back on everyone. The one account I saw was someone who is supported and backed by a community for some time, yet they are now there as well. It just doesn't sit well with me when I see accounts dedicated to here and have the confidence to stay yet others are milking it.

Steem is going to rocket again very shortly and with the smt's coming through there are extra incentives for those that have remained by growing their following and their accounts. Whatever the short gains you might have achieved elsewhere you are surely going to lose in the long run.

I am sure you will drag your sorry arses back here when things start to happen on here again and Steem starts to rise. It's a bit like the scenario when you say your having your cake and eating it.I am sure most of the early adopters have remained on here as they are well positioned and already have decent sized accounts, but it does show a greed factor from the rest of you. Have you so little confidence on Steem that you want to go and dip your toes elsewhere?

If I can see this and I am not a fundi on this stuff, imagine what some of the larger accounts are thinking and can see who is on the other platforms. Account suicide comes to mind and you deserve it if you are one of them. This is meant to be a community platform that supports other users and not other platforms. You guys never seize to amaze me in what you are prepared to do for money.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

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How many options are there? Only know of scorum and Narrative Alpha but they are still nothing compared to steem.

Only the greedy and impatient will run for it now


There is another one which I forget the name of which has loads of Steemians in.Just got to go to the introduce yourself section and the same faces are there.


No point begging anyone, they will all learn that there is no easy path to wealth if it is the money they are after


What else are they after then? It has to be chasing the money as there is no other reason.

Well there is the possibility that their model is better isn't there? I'm not holding my breath on that though, because they largely seem the same fundamentally, differing in elements that just don't matter in my opinion. Heck maybe one should just use that central post-everywhere thingy and treat it all as "one thing". I wonder how they'd do. Pointless if the people they interact with are the same in this platform and the other though.

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It will be the same people Eon. Bit of a cross platform circle jerk game happening. I had a look a couple of days ago out of interest and didn't take long to spot users from here.

howdy sir cryptoandcoffee! I didn't know so many steemians were going to other platforms, makes no sense to me but there must be a reason. the promise of easier money I reckon.

I reckon Steemians will go on these sites and post the same blog on all of them like @eonwarped just said and then benefit 3 times. Then what I would do is cash out the other 2 sites every week and buy the big dog steem power growing their steemit account much faster than the loyal steemians. That's what I would do anyway 😁

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I think it may work. I don't think the others are thinking like you though.


I think it may work.
I don't think the others are
Thinking like you though.

                 - cryptoandcoffee

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Steem is by far the best, This is where my money and attention will be.