Radio Receivers in the Mountains

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We have given David a degree of superiority. "O mountains, sing with him with echo," and birds also. And we got him soft. (Surat al-Sebei, 10)

Radio Receivers in the Mountains
We have given David a degree of superiority. "O mountains, sing with him with echo," and birds also. And we got him soft. (Surat al-Sebei, 10)

One of the radio receivers in the mountains is the miracle of the Qur'an. The phrase "sounding with echoes" of the mountains above can be a sign of the working system of radios. (Of course, God knows.) For this, we can summarize the working system of radios briefly as follows:

The radio consists of two parts in the form of transmitter and receiver. The transmitter encrypts the message to be sent and transmits it to the other side as "sine wave". The receiver also picks up the radio waves and decrypts the message on the sine wave sent. The same message sent from the sender on this number is received by the other party. The word "evuvi", translated as "give voice with echo", which means "return of voice, repetition", may also indicate the transmission of the sound wave on the radio. (Allah knows.)
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In order to receive information transmitted from the transmitter, the sounds in the form of radio waves transmitted via the antenna are also received through an antenna to which the receiver is connected. The purpose of the antenna is to transmit the waves sent from the radio transmitter to the far end. If the receiving antenna is the antenna, it is aimed to receive the radio wave and the message. For this reason, NASA uses giant dish antennas about 70 meters in diameter for the satellites that are millions of kilometers away. Other than these, there are also radio telescopes aimed at imaging using radio waves. Since the radio wave length is too large, it is necessary for a radio telescope to be much larger in order to physically receive the images with comparable clarity. In order to make radio images better and clearer, astronomers use several smaller telescopes or receiver dishes together in a row. These telescopes act together as one big telescope. Their appearance is similar to the mountains.
In addition, "repeaters" (repeaters) are used to enable communication at long distances in radio communications. These devices, called the repeater in the English language, are repetitive and propagate weak signals, allowing them to be transmitted to distant distances. Such devices are particularly placed on high buildings or, preferably, on mountains to provide the highest impact.

It is very wise to use the word "evil" which means to draw attention to the mountains, and to mean "to repeat, to return, to return the voice". Surat al-Sebei may be pointing to technology in the 10th foot, "O mountains, with him (praise me) and give voice to the echo". Surely Allah knows.

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