Promosteem : Promote steem to the world #1

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Promosteem is a weekly promotional campaign for steem. The campaign budget starts from 20 steem per week and will gradually increase according to the response and participation.

Why promosteem?

Short answer, steem needs promotion. Long answer, the promotion for steem is not enough and we need more promotion in regular basis, not just few contest in a year because competition is too high.

How promosteem works?

Every week we will be creating designs and memes for social media promotion and steemians can upload it to social media. Uploading to social media and writing few things will bring trust because who doesn't trust friends?

This week designs and memes

  • Explaining steem

Group 106.png

  • Short horizontal post

Group 105.png

  • Banner

Group 108.png

  • Meme

Group 110.png

  • Cat meme

Group 112.png

How to participate?

  • Post any one of this or all in any of your social media. (of course except steem)
  • Write a post with screenshot of the participation.
  • Please give link of your social media in the post.
  • Either use the tag #promosteem or leave a link of post in comment or both.


  • Winner will get 12 steem.
  • First runner up will get 5 steem.
  • Second runner up will get 3 steem.

The prize is not much interesting but it will increase in upcoming weeks according to the number of participant and interaction in this contest. We are hoping to get sponsors and request some awesome steemians for sponsorship.

If sponsors are interested we can reward every posts and give exciting prizes and increase the prize amount.

Here are few special mentions: @stephenkendal, @xpilar, @reflektor, @hingsten, @bippe, @steemcurator01, @ciska, @kiwi-crypto, @steem-supporter, @kiwiscanfly, @steemitblog

Winners will be decided by number of posts in a week and the interaction in post. It will be fair and everyone should be able to see it!


If you are a designer and want to make something for the contest, you are welcomed! We will include your design in next contest and we hope sponsors will be helping you in later contests.

Resteem this post!

Group 75.png



This is a nice idea @crypsteem i believe this will help inform more people about steem and will also be an easy platform of recruiting members into the system,

I will sure post mine

Proudly a steemian

This is my entry for the consest,
And the link to my facebook account


It was indeed a nice contest as i used this to recruite some persons into steem .


Thanks for your sincere efforts on steem

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