Been away from Steemit about 2 years, so how is going nowadays ?

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Hi just coming back to steemit and wondering what is happening and the best way to rejoin the network and in what capacity; both for myself and especially for steemit ???

Can steemians give me a rundown on the state of the network and where to find information as to current events within thee steemit universe ???

Thanks ! ! !

I just re-powered up all my long unvisited older powered down steem power . . .

is it better to post or comment or curate etc, any tips and hints much needed and most Welcome ! ! !

/ Hugs ;)


Posting and keeping up with responses seems to be the best way to get ahead.

Ah ok, well i do not have much quality stuff to post about but happy to respond to others stuff ! ! ! thanks ;)

Yes, engagement pays, we may see some breadcrumbs from this back and forth.

Is there more rewards for steemPower accts that are not currently set to powerdown ?

Hi. Welcome back :)
Download the 'steem keychain' extension if compatible; most dapps use it, and it saves you from needing to use steemconnect all the time.
Log in via instead of It's a much better front end; (unless you want to support Steemit by seeing ads). The devs are also very active and responsive in discord -
If you want to continue with; its been broken into the social side and the wallet (
We're on the cusp of switching back to 50:50 author/curator split on rewards, in hardfork 21. has kind of taken over. Developed by Aggroed, the guy behind the Minnow Support Project and a wizard called yabapmatt (now top witness I believe).
Its a trading card game like Magic, Pokemon etc; but each card is a token on the chain; so on top of winning STEEM and other prizes in tournaments; Dark energy crystals in Ranked play and reward cards for Daily quests and season rewards; you can sell your cards or even lease them out to other players for a daily fee. (managed on
Fascinating project, with 2000+ daily players and a marketcap nearing US$2 million.

Are there any auto voting bots nowadays for my steem power influence ? What are some good apps / extensions i should Research ? Thanks ;)

Everything's up in the air with bots at the moment. HF21 is changing the landscape a little, so until it settles and we see the effect on the different bots, its hard to know.
If you want to put it to work, I recommend delegating to @steemmonsters; which will give you a daily dividend in Dark Energy Crystals, which can be spent in game or sold for Steem on the steem-engine exchange.
Lots of stuff has happened in the last 2 years :)

Can i upvote people at 100% power ? nowadays ? where can i find more info about the trading card thingy ? thanks ;)

Yes, you can upvote at 100% power. Steempeak gives you the slider so you can choose. Not sure about steemit.
Splinterlands discord here - - its very active and heaps of friendly people. DM me there and I'll send you a starter pack code to jump in and get started for free.

Price wise not much change.
Technology wise it is all underneath with side chain #steem-engine where you can create your own community with your own token.
@aggroed is tired of waiting for SMT enables this smart contracts with steem blockchain.
You will still earn steem plus #palnet token that you can trade within the dex of steem-engine.

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