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To all of my fans and followers, please update your mobile browsers and saved bookmarks.

Especially to my friends and family, if you do not own a steem account, and only watch my blog by refreshing your browser, please follow me at my new location.

After this Friday, I will no longer be updating my blog on the Steem blockchain.

These Accounts Will Become Inactive

New Account

Starting on March 20, 2020, I will continue to post blog updates and photos to my new blog site home.

Same username, but new website location.


Why? The End of an Era

This is a quick summary I am writing here for folks who do not know about the Steem fork, or why it is happening.

The Steem blockchain as we know and love, no longer exists. Anyone still using as their primary platform will see a sudden drop off in user activity in the next few weeks. Favorite authors will no longer be posting blog updates on There is no guarantee that will remain open for long once this begins to happen. All of our posts, earnings, photos, and hard work might be lost completely if, and when, Steemit shuts down completely.

The old Steem blockchain has nearly crumbled under pressure of the new Steemit owner. Mr. Sun has set up all new witnesses using his mountains of money borrowed from investment partners. Currently his team is made up of staff skilled in legal, marketing, and communications. Sun's entire Steem technical development team has resigned and decided to join the Hive blockchain instead (a fork of Steem that Sun cannot control).

Sun's team is looking to make a quick profit, and do not have our best interests in mind (namely freedom, self-governance, longevity to freely blog forever, and maintaining a historical chronicle of our saved data). Sun's team will soon be causing a soft fork of the current Steem blockchain so they can change the rules and quickly cash out and sell Steem for their own big profit. Sun believes this is necessary to make up for the loss of his bad investment.

This action will drastically change the way the blockchain functions, and might have serious consequences to the value of Steem. Most of the active Steem community is eager to free itself of Sun's new forced vision for Steem, and so we are moving everything we worked so hard to build into for a brighter future.


New Future

As a result, the steem blockchain is forking. The new blockchain is called Hive, and it will be a mirror copy of Steem. Everyone's content will be backed up too, which is great! Everyone currently with a Steemit account will be able to login to using their current password keys. We will have the same amount of Steem, SP, and SBD, but it will be renamed to fit the name of the new Hive fork: Hive, HP, and HBD.

Starting Today

You can login to right now. Or visit to create a new account.

Until Friday, I cannot make posts on Hive or earn Hive rewards on posts. This will be my last post on the Steem blockchain.

Starting March 20, 2020 any post made on will only appear on More front-end sites (such as that will link to the new Hive blockchain are promised to be coming soon.



My notes are based on the information I have gathered, and I am merely re-presenting it in my own words. I cannot answer many of the technical questions about how the new blockchain will work (or not!). I have lots of questions myself regarding SBI, delegations, steemrewarding, tribe tokens, and witness activity during the transition. We'll have to wait and see.

Please continue to follow me at if you enjoy my content. I look forward to connecting with you all again inside the new honey hive.

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Steempeak is still working on a new name but they will be over there on hive at some point.

Looking forward to reading your content on Hive!

Yes, most of us will be able to keep our follower lists.

I have a handful of people who do not use a steem account, but they like to follow the blog for my photo updates.

I love using steampeak, so I am looking forward to whatever they come up with.

They want to add tipping and bunch of other stuff in the future. They put out a new post a few hours ago. Should be am amazing times to be a content creator using them once they roll out a lot of cool stuff.

Help -- I want to move over to Hive, but guess I'm not savvy enough to figure out how to do it.

Make sure you have your various private keys saved somewhere for your steem account, if you have not done so yet.

Maybe I can teach you how to use one of the other login apps, such as Steemconnect. They can be handy when working on a mobile device. Easier to enable it from the desktop, so it will be a cinch to login with a single click on your mobile phone.

You have nothing special to do until Friday, date of the official launch ;)

Then you just need to login on the same way you would do it on (same credentials)

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