Epic Beach Golf

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Hey everyone I have done close on 7000 kms in my car the last month and what an epic and amazing travelling adventure it has been.

My most recent stop last week to Cove Rock Eastern Cape where my Dad resides. He lives on a farm which just so happens to have the most un-used glorious beautiful desolate beach.


Hows that view ??


On this particular stop in my travels I decided to take my golf clubs with for a very specific reason... my very first beach golf.



This the view looking down to the beach from the farm, dairy farmer with lush green pastures.


Here we have what can only be described as one of the worlds most incredible beach views from the farm houses deck.


The only entrance to this stretch of beach is my Uncles farm which ensures given that it is pretty much uninhabited at all times, that it remains pristine and gorgeous, what a treat.



My Dad and myself taking a sneaky shameless selfies for hive after hitting a few shots on what must be the worlds biggest bunker?? Golfers will understand ;)



Turns out that May is the perfect month to visit the Eastern Cape coastline, little wind and amazing weather albeit this last picture in contravention of that statement ;)


Nature the incredible.
Love light and blessings.
Have a magic week.

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