STEEM tshirt on Amazon, and DASH X11 upgrade video

in steem •  2 years ago

Hey Craig! I just made this sweet STEEM shirt and put it on Amazon, what do you think? It comes in a whole bunch of colors and I plan on making some cool new designs soon.


I purchased an XL and 2XL just in case the XL does not fit perfect... Craig :)


buy now @

VIDEO : Upgrade 5894 MH/s DASH X11, and talk about STEEM

YVhXDJ = 3% discount @

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@kaylinart look, another awesome shirt

hey - these are awesome - contact me and let's get the store back up!



@ned @craig-grant anybody have a link to get a shirt? Looking to get one in under 11 days before I set out cycling across the USA!


I bought a bunch before it was pulled. If you're cycling through Texas Virginia or New York let me know


Hi, I can make some custom STEEM shirts and give them out for free if either of you guys are interested! @ned - Also, if you'd like to sport a shirt ( will be launched first week of August) please let me know!


I'm definitely interested! Let me know, just pm in steem speak!


I'll be going through Virgina and New York, if everything goes as planned I will be ending the project in New York!


What an excellent idea! TY steemit community for add't info as I can't wait to get these shirts!

See what happens @craig-grant , you ask for something and it happens.

Its because you say you'll do something and do it, so when you ask for something it will get done, thats what I call influence!

Just an hour or so after you showed your STEEM cup, BAM, someone made an online STEEMIT/STEEM store. I hope you see and understand the influence on the community you have here. Much love and success to you brother!


Aren't u violating copyrights? You can't just print a Logo you don't own and sell them.



I don't own the store and i don't think steem will mind, its a push to the steem brand.

craig-grant i was gonna photoshop you wearing these shirts and then my brain was like
giphy (2).gif
it's 5 in the morning here lol


You are more than welcome to PS his with one of our mugs! Please make sure I see it though! Might be worth a freebie of some sort!

That t-shirt actually looks good! :P

You should join the Steem Poker League @craig-grant ...I will be active there as well.. not sure if you play much Hold Em...

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This is amazing that steemit is being branded on amazon and I hope they will start accepting digital currencies very soon including steem.


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Just ordered one! Super pumped to be rockin some steem gear!

I'm going to buy this!


Soon we need some steem store available that sells name of steem in all possible items. It can help the name of the steem for mass adoption. The visibility of steem name can be a big factor. Thanks for this shirt can means a lot.


I even added a shot glass for that yet to be invented Steemit Cryptocurrency drinking game. Many more products to come. We're steem-powered and all about getting the word out!

i forgot how much dash you had. that is why they ran out the first time.


thats sick be cool in white

You did a great job. Keep it up.

Love the design! choo!! choo!!
Checkout more great steem and other crypto Ts

Hi @craig-grant I have redesigned the Steemit homepage as my perspective. I hope you like it.


Also you can see my post here:

Steem for the win! Will look sharp!

That's pretty sweet, I need this for the summer. Your drop shipping game must be on par sir, well played.

Now all you need is a "disruptive blockchain-based media community" on the back to really confuse everyone


That can be done!

good work -- do they ship to Australia

Wow! I love the colours

Great job Craig , you created a beautiful idea

Where's that spaceship headed? Moon by chance?

Niice shirt. I'll take 5!!

I just resteem this post--------



Cool things happening here!

My take aways: (1) Check out BlockTrades; (2) Up my leverage in the (un-named :0 ) lending platform that functions like Steemit; and (3) Craig keeps his word! -- He said build it and he will come (they built it and he went).

Please check out my blog on a new HARDWARE WALLET that I have become a recent affiliate for here in the US. They are working hard to "customize" all parts of the website, iPhone and Android apps to meet Western/English appearances:

Nice. What color did you buy? I'm heading over to see what colors they come in, thanks for sharing!

They truly look awesome I think I'm going to print at least one for myself.

Sweet @craig-grant

Next ONE make sure they get your handle on the BACK ===>>> @craig-grant

(Sports Jersey) #3 #33 #333 ...yeah...



Our fem cut shirt has a place to add a line of text. It is all about exposure! The rest will have the same soon!

Wooow It's amazing man...

Gonna buy it today...

Great Tee's

It does not ship to europe :(.

I need a shirt like that! asap!!!

Nice one Craig! I'm just going to suggest to Adept to expand the description to plug Steemit a bit more. :-)


Brilliant idea 💡 good luck

Nice Design, I know the most important thing though is selecting a quality T to print it on.

Cool T-shirts and very convenient that they're on Amazon - do they have any in navy blue too?

Just did an upgrade tonight on Genesis thanks to you and @trevonjb. Thanks for the inspiration and the daily revelations guys!

@iamenglishtv is a very cool guy too - following and watching all of his videos now too. Daily wisdom and knowledge being imparted by my favorite Steemians!

Nice T.....shame the "space shuttle" on it never went to space or left the atmosphere tho.

Man, you have a lot oh Dash mining Power! Congrats!

Love the shirts! Everyone is going nuts over x11 being added back, it is exciting.

Cool t-shirt bud. Little steep though. Best of luck

You use merch by amazon? Are we allowed to design steemit shirts? How's your merch by amazon business going @craig-grant?


I use Merch too! I had a steemit shirt up for a while, But I noticed a trademark is currently being filed on it. So you have to be careful


Really I wasn't aware there may be trademark issues. :\


Cool another mercher :) YA true! I'm very careful with trademarks on merch so I'll probably just stay away from it. my merch account is worth more than just one design!


This is a very good point.

Cool 💡 idea! I totally like it!

I've been watching along for a couple weeks now and I see the difference between your profits between Genesis Mining and Bitconnect. Bitconnect is gonna be my new FLOW. The 2 year contracts with Dash don't seem too bad though. In terms of profit opportunity, I'm loving how Bitconnect looks. Can't wait to get started.


bitconnect is the one for sure

i need one in medium

Look really nice. Dope design! I will go for one on Amazon. Thanks for sharing

Is genesis-mining profitable and realible?

This is such a cool idea. I love this. Steemit can create such cool merchandise!

You can check out @ENAZWAHSDARB for the best Entrepreneurial content! If you appreciate what you see, you can leave a follow! :)

nice work
thank u for sharing

Awesome design!
Very well made :9

This is a fancy design! It brings the cyber punk style.. :))

Morning Graig the Tshirt looks cool ,i think if i own one it will be great.Thats a cool steemit logo there.I love it

nice t-shirt

Steemit is legit
I love steemit
Thanks for sharing
I will buy this shirt

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