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In regards to quality of information, the word fact has no meaning in my life, only the word NOW is relevant, is real.

Time is the only value of equality in life, as everyone experiences the same amount of time, the only time being now.

I do nothing beyond entertain my self, and I make no effort as everything is perfect for me, being NOW... Craig :)


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Hahaha you are defiantly an interesting character.
Though I have always seen you as a progressive force on Steemit since a long time ago. Its obvious u are outside the box of "normal" living/thinking. I have thought of this before but not done anything with it. I am sure u will come up with lots more interesting possibilities in the NOW to come.
Live that NOW, SteemON!


Angel, yes


The light shines and you just channel it right through. U are living as a bacon of light, sustaining self on pure source~~
Many people may see you as smart, or rich but really you are just clear and in tune with thriving~


yeah true , happy steem family

Time is the only value of equality in life, as everyone experiences the same amount of time, the only time being now.

This could go as a motivational meme. Well said


Here you go.... @craig-grant


i would buy the tshirt :)


And this is why Steemit rocks! Just whippin' out a dope quote pic like that


Time important , coz life is short

Yeah I agree every smart individual can come up with lots of good ideas to succeed on the blockchain.


So Thanks to Block Chain and Thanks to the Steem Family

It makes sense, you have a large amount of followers, it is just logical for someone to pay you for some adspace, of course that is not for everyone, only those who have a reasonable amount of active followers. Great deal.
I wonder if you could program it to open in a new window when I click on the ad?


hmmm, logical

as the birds sing their praise

So amazing mate!!! Do you ever make any videos about what you mine with?


I deprogrammed ? marks from my mind

I should've bought STEEM when I first heard you raving about it like 6 months ago when I got into cryto lol, its all good though I feel that I go on the train early enough though...we shall see


but bad luck for me, i just heard about it, and sign upd


We are still early. I just got on board and billions more to go.

Congratulations! That's awesome! I understand, you are not willing to release the ins and outs of the deal (how do they call it in proper man's world, trade secrets?). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Screenshot at 2017-06-30 17-40-19.png

I think this community is as created for unique people like you Craig. You posts are incredible valuable and appreciated.




You sir are the first person I have ever heard refer to our true value; time. I died a couple of times a few years back and after it was all said and done, time was all I had left. So now I wake each morning and open my eyes and know that I have accomplished all it is to be human... the rest of the day will just be...

The Last Sage


I'm really interested in hearing more about your dying experience. I will check out your page.


This is important to realizes, what we are doing at the moment, time is short still we not happy

Wow this is cool! I think you may be the first person to do this! I love the thought of being able to advertise stuff I'm interested in, in my blogs!


great scenes

Some of the stuff that is now possible with Bitcoin, Steem & other technologies these days is absolutely mind-boggling. The blockchain revolution - nobody could have seen it coming.

Well, unless you are Satoshi himself, but I'm sure even he couldn't have predicted platforms like Steem.


hmm, and What about Etherium?

Congratulations man :)

I am not going to mention about what your videos include,since this could be subjective, but i do like the fact that they are short and thus memorable. I also like that they are followed with some text , and not posting just a plain video.

Keep up the good work and inspiration!

Another nice video. Good job on keeping the videos short and interesting, this way they are more 'memorable' to the viewer, from my perspective.

I also enjoy the fact that the video is always followed by a text and it's not a plain video, showing some dedication too. Keep it up with the inspiration!

One day.. one day i with make my first STEEM endorsement deal ;)

Congratulation my brother, keep doing your thing, you are de man.... One Love man, lock in and supporting as usual

Happy to see you thriving @craig-grant

"If it has nothing to do with Steem, than it's an endorsement. " (kaching kaching) :)

Since i joined steemit,no post has interested me the way @craig-grant post has.

Keep doing it bro....

I am still anticipating more from you.

Well said.

Don't over invest on bitcoin or altcoin and you will have fun. Now you can be your own bank.
Have fun Steemian

Hello , great job
i want to use your video in a post on steemit , i ask your permission :



Only the real man has balls to accept all imperfections as they are! And to claim that they are perfect! :d

Congrats @craig-grant
Promote the Heck out of it! Send us All to the Moon... :)


If they were smart STEEMIT would get some ambassadors to push the brand and they should tatoo their damn onto your forehead. Haha

Let me tell you why, social media now adays is all fake bullshit and lies, so they need to push real, truth, no masked people like you.

@craig-grant lead the way brother, we support you. Game recognize game.

So correct, Craig. The present "NOW" is all we've got. It is the only thing to focus on. The only guarantee we have. Forget the past and let the future come on its own accord. Just stay with the flow and enjoy the "NOW"


Im living the future so the present is my past - kanye

Stay Smashin!

Philosophy of Craig-Grant!

Big players only. Get your STEEM, you deserve it. I think the advertising space can be well utilized as well.

Craig, your one of the most interesting people blogging about crypto. I got into crypto and trading because my spiritual path lead me here. I've since met a trader whos trading path lead him to spirituality.


hey craig what do u think is the best coin right now to start mining with genesis?


Bitcoin or DASH


is an open ended contract better than one of the 2year x11 ones?


its hard to speculate on either btc of dash two years time, DASH is the most profitable contract right now


just wasn't sure what the diff was between the two, if you just kept buying more hash power for the 2 year one then wouldn't it also just keep being extended and therefore be just like the open ended contract? not 2 yrs


also if you have gone with a btc contract can you reset the allocation and mine dash instead? or must you only mine btc if you selected the btc mining contract?


cool man, I think it's cool how you can shift your reality to whatever you want.

I continue to be amazed and impressed. Keeping pushing that envolope Craig. Congrats!!

Steem is big

You are changing your NOW into steem


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Next level. That is great.

A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything.
Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.