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I'm the reflection of a fraction of who you are, was, or could be.... Craig :)

Emotions are perfect when being experienced in the moment of now, and imaginary emotional attachment is evil.

I'm already successful in this moment of now, it's for the world to catch up to me, and it's always too late for the whirled.

I know that ants can teleport, so when they try to reach me, BAM they hit a wall.

YVhXDJ = 3% discount @

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Until now, I was confused as to what trading platform I wanted to get verified on (I really have a hard time with stuff like that).. S0, if you trust Gemini, then I guess I can look more into them.. I like to notice what is 'not actually or specifically' said but is there, when you observe and listen. I appreciate you extending yourself because you don't HAVE TO, you don't need "US" to keep building toward your goals (at this point). At this point, you are truly help us - selflessly exploiting your own generous nature, so I appreciate it and learn from it - while you are still willing.

@craig-grant Just realized you can see the NAMES who votes for you. Thanks for your vote and your using your "power" -- it's appreciated/much respect.

Thanks for YVhXDJ = 3% discount @ my friend will usу it ^)

Yeah man get to that 100 bitcoin! "All IN LIKE CRAIG-GRANT" Whether Steem is 7 cents or 500, I still think you will continue making these entertaining videos. People may be worried about this huge increase in self-votes, but I think the flow will naturally balance. You share the love with commenters, and in return they get to watch your perspective on life. I think you are in the steady state for sure! The balance of the flow is the natural state.

Cheers to your success.

A little rectification it's not 1% it's 0.1% meaning if you have 1000 SP your 100% vote is $ 1. Your current 100% vote is $142. Which is a lot but still bitconnect wins.

10 votes per day = 1%

I was a little confuse about the math. But this explains it. Thanks, now I have a goal to get 10,000 steempower. Make $50 a day upvote myself, and use the rest to upvote others.

beggars are not self aware

@craig-grant It has nothing to do with begging, just inquiring in order to manage how I upvote and who I upvote in the future. In fact, I upvoted everything I came across on steemit and now I am down to $0.00. I'm indeed curious to know how that happened and there are other steemers like myself who are curious too. any advice?

I know the answers, but too busy having fun

Sincerely, I am very happy that you're having fun and I hope I can do that some day. I don't mind if you find it in your heart to tag me in a post where you will discuss the answers. I am ready to learn, which is why I am following you in the first place. Thanks for the attention and time spared.

Yeah that I know I was talking about 1 vote . I though I heard you one vote 1% per vote and now your voting power is down to 88.87% one vote 100% percent is $ 111.78 . it's mean.

wow! that is some math right there plain and simple. Thanks @tamsguitar Do you mind expantiating on bitconnect? thanks

not at all. gimme a buzz in steem chat. If you don't know about it then log in

The 1% figure is something I had not realized previously, but it makes sense. I love the ideas that you share with us! For example using a bot to help automate our daily upvotes. This type of thinking is another example of how we can improve our lives with minimal effort. Thanks again for sharing your findings and ideas!

Thank you for all the great insight and information you provide, Craig. I never thought in a million years I would feel this tech savvy, hahahaha, but I do!

I try really hard not to "over vote", but it is really hard, because the vote is so powerful now!

Hard Fork 19 was like a revolution. People are going to write books about this in the future :D

And the Best part of the HF19 is that it works for EVERYONE..... WHALES, MINNOWS, DOLPHINS.... Everyone is happier now with HF19.


Your absolutely right brother this is all a revolution that can't be stop. I'm just happy I'm here to be apart of it with like minded people like you. All we got to do is stay focused keep learning and just stay grinding brother 🙏🙏

Exactly :D We're lucky to be here at the right time. 5-10 years form now is going to be more hard to build yourself a name on this platform. Not it's the perfect time :D

It's perfect brother I read somewhere there is just over half a million subscribers on steem. That's peanuts when you think about Fb, insta, and twitter subscribers. But steem is better then all of them; giving people a actual voice an allowing individuals to earn while doing it. When the rest of the world flocks to steem it's over😎. What a time to be alive!🙏

The greatest time in the history :D

Craig generously gives all of his advice and wisdom out for free every day, you just have to watch the man's moves and be aware. Much appreciated. 🙏

1% sounds right since I think my full vote is worth a little over .50 cents. That is honestly pretty nice daily interest gain. Best off luck getting to 100 Bitcoin. You'll get there pretty quickly or at least I feel like you'll get there closer to 30 days than 100 days.

In my village i belong to the one percent and i also believe mosquitoes can teleport because everytime one bites me, BAM! It dissapears in thin air. My voting power is close to nothing

This person is true example of what we need to be guys...I am following this since then. He provides something valuable information to others that is how he came to this stage of life. Great work @craig-grant

Hard Fork 19 is all I could have asked for to motivate me a little more! Can't wait to go down in history because of crypto

I've been trying to figure out the HF19 as well, and it seems you are correct about the 1%. I've been upvoting myself, but I feel guilty about it. Should I? Thanks for sharing the knowledge with us minnows Craig.

Yes i just figured out the math too. I see now it's all about steem power. Also i heard you can get the slider on i believe it's $125 in steem power. So you can control if you want to vote at full steem power. So that's pretty darn good too.

i got 175 in steem power, and still no
but yea......the slider looks awsome! i want one too! :-)
(its my second day on steem...)

Yes someone informed me its much higher. You need about 500. Yea so i got a ways to go, lol.

just found it!
Once a user reaches 1 MilliVest (which right now equates to 482.398 Steem Power), they will gain access to the vote slider bar.
O.K!!! now we gotta get there! LOL

Oh man. i'm gonna get alot more than that, lol

We can all hope to have a Steem morning. That is awesome view. Making goals and strategizing your cryptocurrency business. Thast's a beautiful morning. HF 19 is awesome. Your message is clear. Load up on Steem Power. Steemit is really a phenomenal opportunity.

Thnx for the upvote.

That passive income stream is ridiculous!

That 100 BTC goal sounds crazy, but I guess thats just how the 1% thinks haha glad to see you still enjoying the endless vacation boss!

Now that I've left Coinbase, I've been looking for a new way to convert BTC to USD - Gemini may be the answer I've been searching for, besides simply using a Bitpay card. I'll be sure to have more time this weekend to play around more with BCC and Genesis mining to earn more BTC to add to my STEEM Power.

Thanks for the inspiration Craig - maximizing the value of that 1% from 10 upvotes at full power each day is a goal I'm currently striving for! You're already on the moon and getting ready to head to the next galaxy.....I'm still trying to reach the stratosphere, one day at a time. ;)

In Real Life You are SUPER-STAR, in STEEMIT Community You are SUPER-HERO. But YOU Say I am A COMMON MAN - Anyways We LOVE to Say - A COMMON MAN WITH BIG VISION...

so cool

That is an awesome post. Keep up with the good work!✌🏼

did you just say 30 to 100 days to get to 100 bitcoin omg :0 . well done .

I can just imagine wake up at 7-8 am and steem with such a view of the ocean goals!!!

i wish i have the steam power same as you so that i will have no problem to finance the study of my son.. you're a lucky guy. godbless you.. :)

think positive! :-)

we will all get there!

you will one day pass many steem to your he can grow steem even more!!!

Are you into antshares?

You got me tripping man!


Thank you sooo much for sharing!!!
Until a week ago.... i thought steem was just a currency like bitcoin..... youtube channel opened up a whole new world!!!
Thank you!!!

Good Morning Brother! Have a great day!

the more i learn about steem.......
the more i regret having put money into genesis mining..........

upvoted & resteemed

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I haven't even thought about these implications.

I can already see there will be a lot of self-voting-hater-drama on the horizon. Jealousy is a sneaky little b*tch!

But hey, I'm not afraid to give myself a pad on the shoulder, and i doubt anyone will mind a red-fish upvoting his own posts, it's only a few cents anyway. That looks a bit different though if an upvote is worth tens or hundreds of dollars!

Very nice

its like a revolution in the steem work welcome hardfolk nice post upvote and hope so you also upvote me it will be my pleasure

Awesome vid as always , been following you for quite sometime . Your vids never fail to disappoint me

hard-fork morning by nice advice

Great video

1% Steem, 99% Steem Power!

How did you kill it in steem so much!! That's a crazy amount! Congrats man. You still enjoying the holiday?

nice view~
i hope to have like that house.^^
thank you for posting

By the way, do you think it is worth doing a 50/50 split on videos or doing 100% on steem power and building that up before switching to 50/50?

I got my eye on the's a bit smaller than yours lmao, but one day...yep, one day :D

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Who are some great steemers to follow if I want to read posts about Forex and cryptocurrency trading advice?

Nice post, it's inspiring, thanks keep it up

What's the recommended voting a day? I thought it was 40 votes a day and it gets weaker? Do you have a tool to check our voting power % I've seen some people use it. Thanks.

recently changed to 10 votes per day

Oh, ok thanks. :)

craig-grant Just when we thought things just got better with HF19, some minnows are experiencing a low steem power.
I have limited my reasons to:

  • stinginess with upvotes and resteem( for some reason people are scared of using their voting power thinking it will affect their steem power, which might be possible. How do we fix this.
  • and probably a low army of followers.
    Most people joined because they felt they could earn for their posts. We want to be a part of the fraction that earns positively too.))

I dont use this word "people"

1 % 100%, guys just enjoy the platform

Nice read! :)

You seem to have a great system working for you l definitely need to do some homework. Put some steem into Steemit today but doesn't seem to have made any difference. Cheers mike

Vote should give to all who are supporting you.. it can be 1% of voting power.

But wait, i thought you were trying to get to 100k in BCC loans? What happened?

great advice

Question: At what point do you pay taxes on crypto? I assume its when you convert back to USD?Thanks!

Now that I have a slider I can control my voting a little bit better. But I can't seem to keep my VP over 60%. It's so hard to not vote on other peoples content when they vote for mine!!!!!