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in steem •  2 years ago

What I do that matters, not what I think others have done.

Nobody is perfect, and that's why I'm nobody.

I accept all as is, and choose what's best for me... Craig :)


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Doesnt that mean that everybody is technically a nobody?


yes, but not technically, it's magically


MAG-i_C(ALL)'Y ... !! - ))
like ??
YOU are the MOST POWER-FULL BE(i)NG .. in the Un-i-VERSE !!!
.. or ? .. more like ??
THE SUN .. is (( not )) .. HOT !!! - )))
.. or ? .. you talk'in .. MaG-i N(in)JA ?? - ))

.. tech'n(ic)ALL'Y .. all COrRECT ?? - ))

NO(BoD)-i ... love it ! - )

You are so brilliant! I love your videos! Thank you for making crypto currency so easy to understand hehe


and much respect to your many creative talents @kaylinart


Thank you so much :)

I'm bout to follow suit w/ that 7day BCC interest to STEEM POWER play!!! Moves like that give ya paper marathon legs...preciate the gem

It's all greek to me... best I can do is respect the community and resist being selfish, I'll figure out all the markets and trading down the line IF I'm ever lucky enough to have to make the decision on how much to keep Vested and how much to cash out (which, at the rate I'm going ,will be a long time from now).


Nice to meet you, thanks for a fine example of doinitrite.
Screenshot at 2017-06-29 13-10-05.png

That's an awesome place you are in. Almost like a game for you now. Great positioning and strategy. Learning from the best and following your flow to the best I can. This is fun.

Mr. Grant, you have a new follower. Upvoted.

Btw, who's "wet right now?"

If you believe in the technology and the future of cryptos than this is good to buy when the price is droping. I think after the bitcoin scalling issues is clear up we will see a big price surge for all cryptos.

There is so much more to come to the crypto world, bitcoin was the start and is a big part of it and i think we are going to be hearing a lot more of crypto news and starting to utilize them a lot more in the near future. Wish i jumped on the train a long while ago and have a nice position as you do at the moment! :)

You are doing it like a boss and crypto currencies seems your passion. Getting steem power for bitcoin is a wise thing these days as it is cheap.


are you recommend to buy SP now it the rite time .......


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where do you get your art work done ? it looks really well worked !

Thanks for the Summertime fun tip!

Everybody is somebody.

KaBOOM! Tell the friends, family, and the rest of the animals on the farm...time to
Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 8.00.05 PM.png

So who are we...

upvoted from a nobody

bitcoin was just the beginning.... i'm excited to see what's coming up for it now

I agree BTC is a safer bet but even still will likely pay off in multiples over the next few months. August may have a bit of ups and downs but once it settles it will likely steadily move up and may very well hit 10k by end of 2017. Anyways keep up the good work you little crypto-junkie!

this guy makes stupid easy money on this platform, imagine all of us in the next 1-2 years! I grind on this platform every day!

What you do matters brother, especially to this community, if anyone tells you otherwise, fuck them.

Much love and success brother, keep rocking being you, you looks good on you haha

Watching and taking notes from the master.

hehe thanks for the post. sometimes one see "pearls" like this

Oh man! Congrats to you man! Nice kinda like a peak into my future haha Be Free!

Sigamos antes de no ser nadie

Started following. Keep up with these interesting post of the cryptocurrency markets! :)

I agree with u, this is the best time to buy steem when the price is low. U are really doing great on bitconnect. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your plans with us.

Is it a good idea into Bitcoin as you said you did in this video?

I really want to be a nobody Craig... teach me!

The Last Sage

Great stuff btw!

Magically a nobody...yea, I like it.
Keep on stacking!

Sent you a request on facebook craig! Do you play the btc poker? lets play together soon

listened and found it interesting... I am new on Steemit.. my strategy is the first 3 months to reinvest and build power... after that depending if I feel I have power starting to exchange a bit to bitcoins .... still a long way from my first bitcoin ... but I am learning and I will get there ! Thank you for sharing your insights and views ... provides me with great material to study and get closer to understanding how everything works so I can enhance my strategies


Ohh actually I had to replay it 3 times lol I didnt fully get it on my first listen ... on the 3rd it went in a bit better

Because the truth is incredible but I still do not understand many things

Nobody is my inspiration.

I will spread my wings and give verse.

Size is what matters, not what I think others have done.

The Universe rewards those who seek humility and nothingness.


If you are still nobody in steemit with such reputation, then minnows is non existence yet. :D :D :D

Good to know that I'm technically a nobody, at least I know where I stand :) Working and persisting...


man you making all other people look poor! lol

I'm seeing the light in building track records of people who do smart things like you.

This is very interesting mate keen to give this a try!
Thank you

duuuuuuude! Yes... just wrecking shop. Thanks again for the inspiration.

nice man
may god bless you!!!

want to be there in one year.
I am still one week on steem!! loll

Great video - thank you!

Nice tips looking forward for your great tips in the future.