Talking About Steem in My Gokhstein Magazine Feature!

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Hi Steem Fam!

I was recently included in a "Sphere of Influence" article in Gokhstein Magazine that featured interviews with several crypto "influencers" including Michael Nye, Crypto Wendy O, Codey is Fun, 🙋🏼‍♀️, Ken Bosak and Crypto Finally.

The question I probably get most often in the space is "How did you get involved in crypto?" and this magazine article was no exception. Even though I had heard of bitcoin and crypto before I joined Steem a few years ago - I really credit my interest in the industry to my experiences on the Steem blockchain. Steem was the very first crypto I ever owned - all from blogging! It really blew my mind and led me down the rabbit hole. Once I owned a bit of Steem - it really caused me to ask questions such as "where does the money come from?", "what determines its value?", "what can you do with it?" and many more questions that led me to dive into what blockchain technology is and how cryptocurrency works.

Download the November Issue of the Magazine for Free

The magazine is usually a cost to download - but this month they are making it free to say Thank you during the holidays to all of their readers.

To download the magazine - simply go to

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Love you guys and I hope you enjoy reading the article!

XO, Lea

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Smashing it :)

Oh my! That is so cool, @coruscate! So proud of you, and amazed by your talent and your willingness and ability to share the vision of the Steem blockchain. we have so much to offer people looking for a way to be a part of the cryptocurrency movement, and having people who can articulate that will be one the keys to growth. I’m so excited to see this!

"where does the money come from?", "what determines its value?", "what can you do with it?"

All questions I am still asking myself.

Greetings dear friend @coruscate.

It is always comforting to know that Steem blockchian has been and remains the crypto pool jump platform for many enthusiastic newbies who are eager to join the cryptoworld.

Just as you learned and found the answers to all those questions, there are also many others who are discovering the advantages and financial freedom of owning crypto assets.

P.S. Congratulations on your inclusion in the magazine, you deserve it.

All best, Piotr.

Wow 😯 good to know that