Should we Stay? or should we Go?

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It was a song back in the day, but it is a question we are asking ourselves about Steem, Steem It and this Community.

We've been here awhile. Watching. Posting. Waiting.

General census seems to be that you want Content. And Curators. That's how we make money right?

But what are you guys doing? We're here. Ready to Invest. Or Invest more we should say.

We are Vested in #SteemForever #SteemPress #SteemDrive

We've Voted for Witnesses.

We've fought with some stupid #Robots about the Origins of our Original Content.

We have 6 Websites. We Post Daily.

We are not about to add any money to our Wallet until we know this is a stable, humble, honorable community.

So, tell us...Should we stay or should we go? And what are you having for dinner tonight?
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