Thank you Steemit community! - Made my first purchase with Steem!

last year
56 in steem

Thank you Steemit!!

Thank's to the Steemit community, I was able to buy myself something to fund my Pokemon Go addiction...
a portable charger!

I traded in about 10 Steem for Bitcoin using BlockTrades, then spent it at NewEgg (they accept Bitcoin!).

Here's a picture, thanks guys!

I'll officially be a poor college student next month, so I really appreciate being able to purchase fun stuff like this.
It wouldn't be possible without Steemit :)

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  ·  last year

Post more good content so you can be rewarded and buy more cool stuff!

  ·  last year

That's the Power of Steem! Keep grinding young man..Happy Steeming!

  ·  last year

That was so fun to read!