Steem is going to skyrocket tonight...

9 months ago
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That's an image from Bittrex's market page for Steem:
Found here

I've been browsing accross many different forums, and people are starting to notice steem:

Also a CNBC article!

Steem, the digital currency behind the new social media website Steemit, soared more than 1,000 percent in value on Tuesday to over $150 million, two weeks after it first paid people who posted on its website, according to

"It's basically an incentivized social media platform," said Steemit's chief executive, Ned Scott, in an interview...

The steem currency's price on Tuesday was $1.75, equivalent to a market cap of $151.8 million. That is the value of the 81.6 million steems in circulation. On July 4, when Steemit first paid users with steem for their content, the currency's value was only $13 million, according to Scott.

Steem's growing value is gathering attention, causing more interest, and increasing the value.
If these new users invest in steem power.. the value will go up EVEN MORE! (Less dumping, more holders)

This host of new investors and users is going to skyrocket the value...

I wouldn't be surprised if Steemit's new users reaches an all-time high tomorrow...
get ready guys ;)

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Zoomed out: