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People coming in with high expectations is the biggest factor for people not staying I believe. They come in enthusiastic having read articles like this, and think that it will be easy to earn $1000s of dollars per post - when in reality the first few weeks/months are pretty dissapointing where most peoples post are lucky to make a few cents.

I think part of this is the medias fault, but also partly the way people who have been using Steem a while talk about it to potential new users - I know when I tell friends I probably make it soud easier than it is in reality.

On top of that Steem can be complicated and some people cant be bothered to stick that out or dont agree with all the politics (bots, bot abuse etc...). It really takes a good month to 6 weeks to even find your feeton here and by that time ,oads of people have already left


For the most part I think people are setting really bad expectations. It is hard to undo that.

I guess we just have to start being harsh messengers. You will not be rich by next week. :) lol

I guess we just have to start being harsh messengers. You will not be rich by next week.lolz

I so much love this part, its a pity that its the bitter truth.
I have been on steemit for 4 months buy actively for 2 months now and I must confess its not as easy as you are told when convincing you to join.
I have made nice and quality post but ended up with less than a cent. You know how depress that is? Lolz

But I just have to continue knowing at the long run I will be successful.
Since I have planned to be here for a long I have already started investing the little I can afford even though it is not up to what you can spend on a meal.lolz
I know with time I will be noticed for my works.
Thanks at @whatsup

Currently we haven't got Western People to buy in and see the bigger picture. That is why we are seeing many leave. When we see Western People get real buy in then we talk about a massive worldwide adoption. The question then comes how you can influence them faster? Since currently they hang around Facebook. We need to know their deeper desires and wants. And how we can make their life easier.