Did I ever tell you I wrote a Beginners Guide to Steemit?

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I started this guide at the end of 2017 and have been constantly updating it since then.

For some reason it felt weird to share it here, because I'm selling it through my website and I didn't want it to look like I'm trying to "sell to my peers" here on Steemit.

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Beginners Guide to Steemit

I recently realized that's stupid, though. Because there are many more people here on this platform, who could use this guide, then outside of it. It's only once you're here, that you find out all the things you don't know.

And of course I'm not selling to my peers, but to complete newcomers to this site. Too many newbies register on this platform and then find the learning curve is simply too high for them, so they give up again. That's a pity.

If they had had a handy guide, that takes away all the initial guess work and frustration, and that answers their questions before they even have them - maybe they'd still be here.

Hi Anja, I finally finished your Beginner's Guide to Steemit and I love it!​

The information is easy to understand, with plenty of explanations and examples. In particular, I love the videos. I am very visual and love to learn with variety of resources besides just reading.

I signed up to Steemit today!

So I decided it's stupid to hide this guide from the very people who may need it, and not feel awkward about charging for it.

The thing is, I'm pretty confident that anyone who follows the guide, will find their way through the Steem Eco system much quicker than without it, and immensely reduce guess work and potential frustrations ("Why is everyone else making more money than me??").

Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 15.24.50.png

Beginners Guide to Steemit

Of course all the information is out there for free somewhere.

Nobody has to invest money in this book. In fact, I'm one of the people who is constantly putting free information out, to try and attract new Steemies. For example on my youtube channel.

I figured things out for free, too, but I also had the chance to invest the time.

That's not the case for everybody. Some people would rather invest a bit of money, in order to save time. Those are the people who this book is for.

When you're eager to get started and earn, you're excited to learn. But if it takes too much time to figure things out first, and you're constantly being stopped out and don't know why - then the frustration can outweigh the excitement. This guide is here to help you stay excited and begin earning as soon as possible.

steemit book mary testimonial.png

The Ebook actually is a living Google doc.

Buyers can download it as a pdf for better readability, but by keeping it as a Google doc, I can make sure that everyone always has access to the latest version, even if I just updated it this morning.

You can promote the book and earn a little passive income from the commission

Since Steemit is all about sharing income, I made this guide available for affiliate commission. So if you think a Beginner's Guide could make a difference to new users, but you don't feel like writing your own - you can promote this one - in the signature of your Steemit posts, or anywhere outside of Steemit, when you talk about it.

You can sign up here as an affiliate and then simply share your link.

Whenever someone buys the Guide through your link, 40% commission will automatically be credited to you.

Another reason for this post

I am also making this post, so that readers of the book can come here and leave comments and feedback. Steemit changes so fast that it's very likely that things change without my noticing - so this way readers can come here and comment "this looks totally different from the screenshot you shared in the book" - so that I'm aware and can help and update the Guide accordingly.

And of course - if you have read the guide and you liked it - this would be a good place to share that, so that newbies gain more confidence and trust that this would be a helpful tool to invest in. You can of course also make a separate post about it. In that case, please leave the link below so I can upvote it.

PS: Members of the Conscious Crypto Community get this guide (and a whole crypto tutorial library) for free as part of their membership.

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About the author:

Anja Schuetz is a cryptocurrency mentor for absolute beginners, with specific focus on women and non-digital natives. She also consults as a Customer Communication & Operations Manager for blockchain start-ups.

Anja offers a Free Bitcoin Beginner's Course when you sign up to her Conscious Crypto Museletter here: http://anjaschuetz.net and has also written a Beginner's Guide to Steemit


Hey @connecteconomy, thanks for the information and thanks a lot for your book. I hope it brings a lot of people out there to us. Good luck and best wishes.

A 50-page EGuide - wow! That's pretty amazing, Anja.
Of course it's a great idea to share that information with the Steem community, I'm sure many will appreciate it.

I will sign up to the affiliate program and include a link in the footer of my blog posts from now on.

Loved & resteemed 🙃

I hope @coruscate and @anomadsoul will stumble upon it as well, they may want to integrate a link in their website https://steemonboarding.com.

Awesome guide, @connecteconomy just checked out the video. Seems quite a few steemians are looking to build guides for noobs and improve the sign up and retention rate. Perhaps you can partner up with @see-it-feel-it with her @mysteempl project

Thank you! Yes, happy to mention lots more resources in the book - I'll check out @mysteempl! Thanks for the tip, @chekohler!

Thank you :)
Yes, I have added steemonboarding.com to the resource list in the book - especially since their videos come in all sorts of languages!

Great! I hope they also do it the other way around :-)

I am trying not to be negative here... but hey... Seriously? guide to steem(it).... and you focus only on steemit, and not the blockchain.

Lets be honest even if someone is literate enough to find steem on its own, he can probably figure out what to do. However, lets say people are onboarded... and one of the first thing they need to do is to read 50 pages to cough, cough earn on steem... Once again seriously.

For a new user who has an idea okay I can earn by posting - I will post some shit - warning - this is plagiarism (intro about all of that) go speak to communities - then maybe curie and ocd or some other great curation groups find the new author... and then what - thats it search around. Get familiar with bots - well done.
Also you mention poloniex as the best way to do exchange - while everyone else complained about it thousand times, and binance is listing steem for a long time now.

This is taking too long... but... Website - promotional with all the fancy layers and quotes - YET headlight with typo! great way to earn on steem, don't care about your content - no one else will (as it is partly true - just check all that autovotes and bot votes).
And you don't mention price anywhere... can it be bought in STEEM too? And how many beginners would be able to buy it. However in just 2 minutes of googling here are some FAQ (however I know @sykochica and she is great - hope she is doing good these days!)

One great guy (not to be named here) pointed this title to me, which fits perfectly in this comment section.


All the best.

OMG, thanks for spotting that typo!!! I have corrected it. Ouch, indeed!

The beauty about a decentralised community is that some people appreciate things that others find silly and would never consider in a million years.

Thanks for linking to @sykochica's FAQ's - that's an amazing list! I've added it to the resource list.

...and that book looks seriously intriguing, LOL!

Thanks for trying! :)

Typos are easy to miss. I've spotted them in newspapers and published books before. :)

Me, too :) My German-ness does get upset with me, though, when I make them myself XD

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a perfect reason to post it actually and keep it living by constantly changing it... super sweet idea.. and yeah I think honestly, even though if you are here already a couple of months there is still so much to learn on there. (at least there was for me), so yeah good going on that one miss anja!

Thanks, Miss Karin :)

You are awesome, lady! This will come in very handy for something I'm starting soon. Thank you for doing this and thank you for sharing. Much Love!!

Thank you :) ...what are you starting soon...? ;)

Great, having guides here on Steemit is always helpful, but having them outside not only helps in the first steps, but also attracts more people and mouth-to-mouth marketing.

Thank you so much. Very helpful. I'm new on Steemit.

Thank you, and welcome :)

@roxane, don't you have a comprehensive beginner's guide in French? Do you want to put the link here for French speakers to see?

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