⚡️Today Commun celebrates the 2nd month of the activities!⚡️

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It's been 2 months since we've launched!

We are glad to welcome new and active users on our platform. Let’s sum up the current results!

💥During this month we’ve doubled our monthly active users, now there are over 9 000 of them! Commun users published 17 887 posts, got over 133 000 likes, and 12 million reward points.

🚀What about updates?🚀

📱Upgraded mobile apps! Now you can take advantage of new mobile features, including options to stay tuned for important updates, search for content across communities and posts, transfer points via integrated wallet.

🔍Updated search! Now you can find what you look for literally everywhere: in communities, posts, and also among users.

🏅Reward notifications! Now you get information about any rewards that you receive for your actions on Commun. The posts that make it to the “Top” are marked (sure, you noticed that!).

“Our rapidly growing audience is clamoring for the features of advanced social media platforms,” said Commun CEO Marina Guryeva. “We have made additional technology investments to enhance usability and offer a better customer experience. The audience is paying attention – Commun fans are growing ranks and becoming more engaged.”

👥 The Top-5 communities on the platform in terms of subscribers are Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Art, Ask Commun, and Ethereum.

“Crypto folks are our most enthusiastic and engaged residents,” said Ms. Guryeva. “That is why we have developed a special offering tailored to crypto communities. If you want to set up your own community on Commun, let us know!”

🛬 The direct onboarding partnership program designed specifically for crypto communities enables them to launch their decentralized communities and incentivize members with sign-up bonus points.

Kava Labs, an emerging DeFi platform for major crypto assets, was the first from crypto space to open its self-governed community on Commun. After one week of the active onboarding, Kava Community reached the following results:

🌑186 new subscribers to Kava Community

🌒117 posts in the Kava Community

🌓1,529 total upvotes

🌔6,719 post views

🌕 2,940 of the total bounty in Kava Points distributed

We also have a Steemit community on Commun. It grows bigger and bigger and waits for you all!
Check it out, we're sure that you'll like it a lot!

🔥 Our #1 priority is to improve your experience with Commun and to let you feel 100% comfortable in your independent communities! Stay tuned for more updates in the future and don’t forget to share your thoughts and questions in AskCommun community!

See you on Commun!

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