The [#CC]-Project will grow up for you in the future. Let us talk about it.

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Hello dear commenters,

first, i need to tell all the users and commenters of the project a personally desicion i made.
I do not longer work on the Steem Blockchain for my own blog. I just work on the HIVE Blockchain in the future.

But do not be sad!!!

I will try my work for the [#CC]-Project on both!!! chains in the future becouse i do not want to split the [#CC]-Community with my personal view of the events in the past.
I hope you go with me.

Now back to topic:

In the last times @kristall97 and me made some more meetings and we got a lot of good ideas for the future of the [#CC]-Project. You know the developers of the Steem-engine tell us to port the hole system on the new upcoming hive-engine.

But we need to pay again for it. You all know the price of the [#CC] was not realy good in the last time and we do not have a large enough stake to compensate the costs of the project. But i will do my best for get more money in this system. If you want to help us with that point you are very welcome.

In the past @kristall97 does a lot of interessting updates for the Bot behind the [#CC] and he is working for more of it. But mostly he do not talk about his insane work. A typical developer he looks like for me. :-) I do not want to say to much about the new plans becouse we are working on it and want to show you just the final results of it.

You can be excited. ;-)

For the port of the [#CC]-Project to the HIVE Blockchain we wait for the new Hive-engine goes online in march.

But we don't rely on it and go for plan own steps without dependence of both services of the steem-engine and hive-engine! Ups, that was to much i want not tell about. But now the cat is be out of the bag. :-)

You all know the steem-engine is very central and we thought: "If this system is central why not kick out the middle mans and go a own way to grow the project???"

Our reputation on the Steem and Hive should be high enought to be trusted of our work. If the steem-engine goes down (we do not said that it is or will be!!!) we can live together with our own system.

We (or better crazy kristall97^^) are allowed to build a much better own system and make the usecase of the project nearly perfect for you users.

In this state of existense it is not! Becouse we are limited by some functions of using the steem-engine. If we can kick out the service of the Steem- and Hive-engine you as our users get a system how it was thought originally at the beginning of the project last summer.

Yes, if you think "Hey, if the do that than it is central and this guys can make some shit with it" you are not so false to critism that point. But tell us why it should be not, without that point of dicussion of centralised systems?! Personally i do not want to loose my hard worked reputation on the Blockchain and the other Team members are going to grow to.

We do not look for kill the milky cow we lives from!

We just want to solve the "problem" of rewarding commenters on the Steem/Hive Blockchains with that project. That is the main goal we follow! If we reach that, we did get much more than just money alone. On our side the CC-Team was give a lot of work to make that real for you in the past!

Over 10k usings of the CC-Hashtag and tens of thousands rewardet comments should show we made not a bad job in the past. Yes, i personaly have struggled with it. But it is like it is.

We did not finish that goal and want to be a better trying for it.

If you go with us and our much more plans we doesn´t have tell you at this post we are very happy to welcome you all on the project.

Let us all make comments big again! Scattered to everypody like a virus! :-)

We wish you a nice and healty time.

Your CC-Team


50% of the incoming votes goes to @kristall97!


Bin gespannt wie es sich weiterentwickelt!
Bleibt es dabei, dass man #CC in den Kommentaren verwenden kann?
Werden dann weiterhin Coins ausgegeben?
Oder hört das irgendwann auf?

Das hört nicht auf, es wird nur besser. :-) Alles ist auf dem Steem derzeit wie gewohnt benutzbar. Die Änderungen werden Zeit und Arbeit erfordern, aber Stück für Stück voran gehen. Ich persönlich kümmere mich jetzt vermehrt wieder um den Support und den Markt. Es sieht also gut aus unsererseits.
Danke für deine Unterstützung!
Liebe Grüße

Spiele bereits mit einer neuen Idee - habe da so ein paar Gedanken - um Deinen CC zu unterstützen. Werde Dir früh genug Bescheid geben, um Deine Meinung zu hören.
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