CoinChaos Moon Mission Update

in #steem5 months ago

Hi Steem,

CoinChaos here again. The moon mission is still doing good. Unfortunately steem has not been responding to inputs. Current conditions for Steem put it in a death spiral. Current Steem price has too much debt of SBD for the market to support it self. It looks to be failing. I will continue to try and help Steem, but it does not look good for the future. Hopefully something will change. Until next time explorers, BUIDL, HODL and I will see you on the moon.

Over and out,
Moon Mission Explorer #1


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This is so stupid.... You make it very clear why Steem is in the way it is. Keep trying to protect it from abuse lol. This is the most valuable content on the chain.

And you are not helping anything.

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Hey @enforcer48, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Thank you everyone who showed up today.

Hi Haters! :) lol Now I get what people have been saying. I might leave now and that is not good for you.

You going to power down and send your 900 steem to the exchange and crash the price? We are so fukkt!

Never mind. Use all the bid bots you want to pump up your 50-word post to 'help steem'. You are our only hope. LMAO

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I may be a small crab, but I am here and trying. If I leave it is going to be just another small loss for Steem, but small loses add up fast. Not like your posts are any good. This is just about fighting and control.

Regardless of your opinion of my posts, I don't bid bot them.

It's hilarious to me that you would even try to criticize other's work when you post garbage like this, and you don't even know the difference between 'lose' and 'loss'.

Maybe YOU should 'try' harder.

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lol see fighting... you are part of a hostile group.

Or the people who are sick and tired of bullshit being promoted $30+ inching towards trending.

Seems the value discovery worked

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The people in your abuser group that is

You should change your name to the abuser48. This is quality content that is focused on the balance of the network.