Humans Might Be Living on the Moon in 8 Years or Less

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In the future humanity may be farming on the moon

In a workshop meeting which took place in August 2014, some of the greatest scientists and experts in the space business, this included gene editing George Church and Peter Diamandis, in the workshop they are learning how to develop low-cost options for human settlement on the lunar surface, this could really be a reality!

Chris McKay from NASA, helped organize the meeting, and then he edited a noted paragraph in a journal called New Space, which explained everything about the workshop, we can build a moon base, that supports life on the moon.

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Should We Go back to the moon?

NASA doesn’t have any plans to send humans back to the moon, but they are focusing on getting to Mars by 2030.
McKay and many others think we can’t possibly go camping on Mars if we don’t first learn to walk in our own backyard.

Our interest is not the moon. To us the moon is as boring as a ball of concrete,” says the astrobiologist. “We need to fist have research base on the moon before we can even think about living on Mars. The moon provides lots of information to live on Mars.”

A Moon base would provide the opportunity to test out new jet propulsion systems, telecommunications, and farming systems.

The problem is, NASA thinks it can only afford to go to either the mars, or Moon, But McKay and his workmates could be right, we could afford to do both, we just have to think outside the box!

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The lunar base on the moon
The strategy for building a moon base can be very different depending on the people you ask, but with the use of robotics and 3D printers, a dwelling can be built on the cheap and it would be very secure, robots can set up! solar panels to collect energy from the sun, all these things can take place without any humans being on the lunar surface.

Next generation technologies

Many of these proposals for a cheap moon base rely on certain technologies that don’t exist yet. But they are neither far from reality.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket should be able to carry small payloads to the moon for a pretty cheap price, the heavier rocket such as the Falcon Heavy; these can carry larger payloads, like lunar homes, to the moon. Some other ways involve refueling spaceships in space a technique which hasn’t been tested.

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Where could we live on the moon?

There are a few fundamental things to think about before choosing real estate on the moon,
  1. Availability of power solar panels needs a good location.

  2. Proximity to for resources and surface transport.

  3. Telecommunications would be better from the moon’s near-side, which 4. Water can be extracted to provide oxygen to the lunar base, or the water can be turned into hydrogen for rocket fuel.

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How much will it cost?

Overall the projection of cost we could build a moon base for $10 billion,
and the upkeep fees of around $2 billion or less per 365 days, which what NASA spends with the International Space Station each year. These are only estimates we are sure NASA’s could increase their current budget.

What are your thoughts, do you think it's great idea, to build a moon base?