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in steem •  last year

*Image from Korbit Official Blog

A Korean cryptocurrency exchange Korbit added STEEM-KRW market today. The exchange is the top 3 BTC exchange in Korea and has approximately $5 million BTC/KRW volume as today according to CMC. It is also an active member in Korean crypto community.

While there is no full API support yet, I will add market making bot to improve STEEM-KRW market's volume. Thanks for all your effort and passion for Steem, Korbit!

Image from @leesunmoo's post

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Outstanding news!

That's great news! Thanks for sharing :)

That's amazing!! Great job!

Great news!

That's awesome!!! Well done!!!

awesome! :D

This is simply AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing this great news with us all. I can't believe BitCoins isn't there!?! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

@clayop you rocks with this volume bots!

Wonderful news! Funny how the first jurisdiction where you can buy STEEM in fiat is Korea. But I'm certainly not complaining - gets in the way of the cheering :)

Thanks, Korbit!

Awesome. Great job, Korbit!

That is a great news! I share Eric's surprise. No BTC?


There are lots of steem-btc exchanges already ;)


Oh I see, they want to focus on the not so common ones. That's a good strategical move :)

@clayop nim, I've just shared another post about it authored by leesunmoo nim in my kakao story - :)

I ask you all to also vote @leesunmoo's post. The poster gets $0.85 for breaking the story first. I am voting it up even though I can't understand it!


If you guys do, I would really appreciate. I can give rewards on this post but cannot give reputation for him.


Wow! That's is insane! Good catch!

very good

Very cool. Is Korea big on cryptos? I would assume that they would be given how technologically advanced they are.

Good post i follow your.

Awesome! Let the steem grow!