meep indeed

I love you @ionlysaymeep you're my best friend.

It was you??? You bastard.

I love MEEP also, and I abhor the miserable assholes who cannot allow us to have some simple pleasures here.

I hope MEEP says something soon... I am sure jealous you have the tokens though. I have one lonely MEEP

LOL, I sent you a MEEP. He replied on this post, so the meepster is still around.

Thank you! ;)

mannn and now they're 2 cents?? Damnit.... guess i'll buy some anyway

Nice one man...



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I can't lie, seeing MEEP tokens gave me a bigger smile than many things I've seen around the chain throughout the bear market.

I love this story. I heard about MEEP from @whatsup. It was before my time. That's so cool you gave her a MeeP token!!!

Got to love Steemians :D

!shit I almost forgot.......... Nope, I did forget........

LOL, thanks, I'm a fan of Bernie's SHIT too.

:D welcome!! LOLL
got to have fun where you can

!shit need to use lower case loll

So will you be writing "meep" on the side of you Lambo?

I'd drive a meep lambo.

Shit, I missed the MEEP.

Omg Clay you have meep!! I want meep! Can I still get my meep on?!!

It's pretty cheap right now :D

Gonna go look!!

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I just randomly recieved a free MEEP, Thanks if it was you <3

You have DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

I had no clue about the MEEP account until I seen 1 MEEP in my Steem-Engine wallet. I think its a hilarious novelty account like a few others I have come across.

Price has mooned to $0.03 cents so you made a great investment or should I sum all this up by saying, "meep".

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